Hello, and welcome to Catherine Mede’s world.

I live in a place called New Zealand, which is at the bottom of the Southern Hemisphere (turn right at Australia and head South east.  Any further south and you’ll hit Antartica.)

I write Speculative Fiction Romances – fantasy, paranormal, urban fantasy – often based in New Zealand and further afield like the
Ice Planet Eldora.Tom Hardy and me

I work with a team of amazing New Zealand authors, including Leigh K Hunt, who is just absolutely fabulous (and  no, she didn’t pay for the
free advertising) and inspired by none other than that gorgeous hunk of man, and my future husband – Tom Hardy.  Of course, I have a penchant for men in kilts…

Check out my Books:

Final e-book Cover Design for Approval - 20-10-14 Shards of Ice - C Mede - near final ecover 151030 Final Cover Picture










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