I love cats!  Ever since I was a youngster, we have always had cats.  We only ever had one dog, but I prefer cats.  Why?  They certainly aren’t loyal, your best friends or there for you – well, it depends.  Mine are!  But they are independent, you can leave them home alone all day without the neighbours complaining about the noise they make (except Everest, he makes incredibly weird noises, especially when trying to find me), they don’t dig up the garden (no, they poop on top of it…) and they don’t smear their food all over the floor.

They do however, leave little peace offerings (such as dead birds, or part thereof, or mice), and they both liketo sit on my knee.

Usually at the same time…

and neither of them get along with the other…

so we end up having a scrap over Mum’s knee,

and the both of them are kicked off.

I have two.  Everest, whom I have had since he was a kitten (I owned his mother) and he is known as a Tailed Manx.  DSCF4898His mother was a stumpy Manx, but Everest has a full tail… he just doesn’t know what to do with it.  His tail doesn’t twitch like most cat’s do, so I have had to learn from his facial expressions what mood he is in.  He’s a big cat, weighing in at 6kg at his heaviest.  He is now 16 years old, and has arthritis in his rump joints.  He sits funny, but tends to sleep a lot during the day, and likes to keep me in sight at all times.

20151110_073535Rosey we inherited.  She was the neighbours cat, but as she had three boisterous boys, the kitten used to come over and have some quiet time with my boy instead.  Honestly, we didn’t feed it, or encourage it, but after being chased around the yard by 3 young boys and 2 dogs, I don’t blame the cat for wanting a quieter life.  Before our neighbours moved, she would often stay the night there… but she lives with us solely now.  She is a veracious hunter, but she is also a tree climber, and as much as I would love to put a collar and bell on her, I am petrified of coming home one day and finding her hanging from a tree.

A to Z Blogging Challenge – C for Cats
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