Yes, currently I am unemployed – because I work on contract, and as it is a quiet period, they have had their own employees doing the work that I would normally do.  So what do I do?  I work as a Fire Alarm Tester – which entails testing fire alarm systems to ensure that they work correctly.  I have to test call points (the red boxes on the walls), smoke and heat detectors and the alarm bells to make sure that everything works well.

But I have just set up a business proofreading.  I love proofreading – it gives the opportunity to read some exciting stories, and I haven’t been disappointed yet.  But it is hard setting up a business and drumming up work.  I’m not that great at marketing and pushing myself or my books onto other people, but I can show people that I do a good enough job – just read the testimonials that I have on my site – and check out what authors have to say.

At the moment, because my husband and I have separated, I get a benefit from the government.  It doesn’t pay anywhere near enough – to try and dissuade people from staying on the benefit, but it pays the bills and puts food on the table.  That is all I want to do, pay bills and put food on my table, but through proofreading.  Prices are on the website so go and check it out.

A to Z Blogging Challenge – J for Jobless
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