K is rather a hard word to come up with things to describe me.  But Kooky – yip, that is me.  Kooky means strange, eccentric, which is me.  I have a weird sense of humour, and will always laugh at the most inopportune times in movies.  I am unpredicatable, even I never know what I will get up to next.  I often suffer from foot in mouth disease, but I am learning to curb that.  I will often throw a comment into a conversation, just to see what the reaction will be, and it isn’t always my opinion.  I like listening to other people explain their ideas, or justify their opinions.  And I have been known to start an argument, just to see who is the most passionate about their idea.

But on the flipside, I am also kind-hearted, almost to a fault.  I can’t walk past someone in need without doing something to help.  A baby bird, I will put out of harms way (from cats), people often take me for granted because I am helpful, but this is something else I am learning to curb.  Not that I don’t want to be helpful.  Quite the contrary, I assure you.  But with the winners triangle, it isn’t about helping people anymore, or enabling them (or rescuing them), it is about  being assertive, nurturing others, and being vulnerable.  I have been vulnerable a lot lately on social media, and it is incredible just how many people have supported me, encouraged me, and just been there for me.  I’m thankful every day for the people I consider friends.

A to Z Blogging Challenge – K is for Kooky, Kind-hearted
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