You know how Cursed Love involved the Insurance industry, and Jinny was an Insurance Assessor… yip – that was because I knew the job.  I did it for 15 years.  When I left the company I worked for (when I was 33), I had spent a third of my life in the same industry.

My official title was Loss Adjuster – but people assumed you were going to adjust their claims down.  But that wasn’t what the job entailed.  It was just the US way of saying an Assessor.  I used to have to deal with people during their worst.  To be an assessor, you had to have empathy and able to put the insured (the person suffering the loss) at ease.  You had to report the facts to the insurance company, without putting any bias on the matter, and then make sure that the insured was recompensated for their loss.  There were problems sometimes, life repairers couldn’t go for a few weeks, or some items were covered for replacement (like clothing).

My main focus was on domestic claims – which are claims put in my people for their own house or household contents.  I also did the odd small commercial business, but not much.

When I left the company I worked for, I had about 8 months off, then started working as a contract assessor for a company based in Tauranga.  I enjoyed that, as I could work from home, but it was hard not having others I could go back to and decompress, complain, just generally talk about what happened.

It can be a depressing job, dealing with people during the worst possible moment (fire or flood damage to property), and often they weren’t happy to see an assessor turn up.  I think that this job was one of the contributing factors to my depression, but while I worked the job, I loved it.

So there you go, one more fact about me 🙂

A to Z Blogging Challenge – Q for Qualified Insurance Assessor
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