Karen Boudoir 7Catherine Mede lives in a rural village in the South Island of New Zealand with her  son and two cats.  She works when she can, doing whatever is available – within reason!  When not writing, Catherine likes to read, draw and work in her garden.

 Having developed a love for writing when she was at High School, it wasn’t until she was in her thirties she decided to really get down and dirty with the words in her head. 

 Romance and Speculative Fiction are what Catherine likes to write about because she understands the need to get lost in a love that sometimes seems mythical.  Adding Fantasy elements to the story fulfils her need to extend her creative fanciful worlds. 

 When she was younger, she wrote to escape reality, now she writes it to allow others to enter a world where love has a happily ever after.

 Catherine has a short story published in a Masters of Horror Anthology and attends writing seminars and groups in her area.

When she is rich and famous, Catherine intends to have a large library which will double as her writing space and own an Aston Martin Vanquish, or a Porsche GT3.  (Dreams are Free)

You can contact Catherine Mede through her website and facebook, twitter and pinterest  or email her catherine @ catherinemede dot com – she loves to have contact with her fans.



Wow, where does one begin to explain who I am?

I have always had a love of literature, and have an overactive imagination, so it was not a big step to put pen to paper and write.

Writing is a passion that has led to lots of open doors for me and I intend to explore them and find out where they lead.  This blog is my journey through the vast hemisphere of writing and publishing.

Life hasn’t been easy, and during 2011 I was diagnosed with depression which brought a halt to a lot of my writing activity, however I have kept my blog going, aiming to write at least once a week, in order to keep my fingers nimble and my mind active!

It took 5 years to get the “black dog” under control – but I have now, and still learning new coping mechanisms all the time.  Its learning what stresses you and triggers you that is the main learning curve, and then working out how to avoid or minimise those triggers.  It hasn’t been instantly cured, and like drug addiction, or alcoholism, I have to face the reality that this is a lifetime thing.

But don’t let that get you down.  With help, you can still lead a fulfilling, enjoyable lifestyle.  Just being aware of triggers, and knowing the signs can help to reduce the instances of the downhill crashes, and mean more time sitting at the top, admiring the view.

And did I mention I ride motorbikes?

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