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A family curse.

A lifetime of grieving.

Jinny Richards past and future are about to collide.  Will she survive?

At 18, Virginia ‘Jinny’ Richards was a drug addict who fell in love with Dean Bradford.  By 20, Dean was dead.  Jinny believes the family curse is to blame, and never wants to fall in love again.  She has worked hard to hide her past and now has a job as a successful Insurance Assessor.

Ethan Montgomery lost his wife to breast cancer.  He’s mourned her for three years and now he’s ready to move on.  He understands Jinny’s pain, but he wants the feisty Jinny and nothing, not even a curse, will stand in his way.

When work throws them together, loving Ethan is the farthest thing from Jinny’s mind.  He’s tardy and egotistical, even if he is good looking and makes her weak at the knees.

Things get further complicated when Steven Bradford turns out to be the client, bringing up the heartache and pain Jinny has carefully buried for eighteen years.

Will she find love a second time around?  Or will the family curse claim another victim?


…If you like romantic novels with a paranormal twist, then you should check out this book…  Melissa Pearl

…I think this author is well on the road to becoming a popular kiwi author!  Carol Brungar

An original storyline weaving modern day with the past. The NZ cultural aspect enriched this thrilling love story… Wendy Scott

A wonderful story weaving indigenous Maori mythology, a contemporary setting, and a good dose of mystery to keep the pages turning… Z R Southcombe

Follow the story of an old Mâori curse flowing down through generations to impact on a young woman’s life. Unlucky in-love and haunted by a vengeful ghost, and a fast paced ending that has you holding your breath.I really enjoyed this story-line and can’t wait to read the next novel by Catherine Mede.    Kylie Somerville



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Things are heating up on the Ice Planet

Vyvica Karala, of the Royal Bodyguards, the D’Authian Guards, had to leave her father behind when the Crown City of Althu was invaded by Ch’ar Barakus. She is determined to retake the city, with or without the support of the D’Authian Guards.

Kelvaras Mason, a vigilante, is brought in to help the D’Authian Guards to find a leak in their intelligence network.  He’s also been employed by Ch’ar to bring in Vyvica Karala, because she has information he needs.

Vyvica and Kelvaras clash from the moment they meet.  They set the planet ablaze with their conflicts, their passion and their secrets, yet they can’t resist each other.

But can they save Elador from Ch’ar?  Will one of them make the ultimate sacrifice in order for the other to survive?



…All in all, once I’d gotten into it, the story had me hooked, and I occasionally found myself sitting on the edge of my seat. I’d definitely read more by Catherine Mede in the future.  Suzy Turner

…A good read!  Lia Cole

…I’d love to see this story transformed into a movie…Good balance of fun and drama. Wendy Scott

…I was sort of surprised how easily I fell into the story because I’m a reader that constantly plays out scenes in my head as I read. Reading this story has a me a bit excited for the chance to discover a whole new world of romance books and has my wallet a little worried over the idea of adding more books to the never ending pile.  Michelle New

I read this book quickly over a couple of days, and was keen to know what happened next – a good sign! All the ingredients are there… Jane Castel



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“His mouth tastes of wine and coffee and sea salt, or is that my tears?”
Whether you like sweet meetings or racy romances, poetry or short stories, this book caters to every flavour.Twelve members of the Nelson chapter of the Romance Writers of New Zealand have brought together their favourite pieces for you to enjoy. Whether it’s a sunny summer day or a rainy winter afternoon, you will find something in here for you to read over and over again.
“Light and entertaining, with something there for everyone, the anthology is definitely something to download and read under the sun umbrella this summer. Sue MacKay ‘M&B Medical Author’




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Sometimes the world has a way of making you stop.

Larissa Green has had a rough run.  She ditched her boyfriend, quit her job, and lost her flat all in  24 hour period.  She does what she does best.  Larissa turns on her heels to escape her life by doing something totally out of character – going for a tramp.

Harley Orion is an English action movie star, in a toxic relationship.  When his girlfriend accuses him of a serious offence, Harley freaks out and runs away to New Zealand until the storm blows over.  Anonymity is assured when you stay an at isolated Lodge in the beautiful Abel Tasman National Park.

A fateful morning pushes the two together, and they can’t deny the chemistry between them, but both are cautious.  Harley has been stung by women, Larissa used by men.  However they can’t stop what happens between them.

Until the true nature of Harley’s visit to New Zealand is revealed, destroying Larissa’s hope of ending up with her dream man.

But life has a way of making things happen, that you least expect.