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Things are heating up on the Ice Planet

Vyvica Karala, of the Royal Bodyguards, the D’Authian Guards, had to leave her father behind when the Crown City of Althu was invaded by Ch’ar Barakus. She is determined to retake the city, with or without the support of the D’Authian Guards.

Kelvaras Mason, a vigilante, is brought in to help the D’Authian Guards to find a leak in their intelligence network.  He’s also been employed by Ch’ar to bring in Vyvica Karala, because she has information he needs.

Vyvica and Kelvaras clash from the moment they meet.  They set the planet ablaze with their conflicts, their passion and their secrets, yet they can’t resist each other.

But can they save Elador from Ch’ar?  Will one of them make the ultimate sacrifice in order for the other to survive?



…All in all, once I’d gotten into it, the story had me hooked, and I occasionally found myself sitting on the edge of my seat. I’d definitely read more by Catherine Mede in the future.  Suzy Turner

…A good read!  Lia Cole

…I’d love to see this story transformed into a movie…Good balance of fun and drama. Wendy Scott

…I was sort of surprised how easily I fell into the story because I’m a reader that constantly plays out scenes in my head as I read. Reading this story has a me a bit excited for the chance to discover a whole new world of romance books and has my wallet a little worried over the idea of adding more books to the never ending pile.  Michelle New

I read this book quickly over a couple of days, and was keen to know what happened next – a good sign! All the ingredients are there… Jane Castel