Wow, hard to believe it has been three months, but it has been.

While I would like to say it has been successful, in some ways it was, but in others, it was far from it.  But I made it to the very end, even if only by the skin of my teeth!

My first block was on gothic tales, and I have one short story that is not completed.  While some might view this as a failure, I see it in a more positive light.  I now know what are the elements of a gothic story, and I am embarking on writing a Gothic Novel in October as part of the Gothic Novel writing month at Books Down Under.  I have the confidence now to write in this genre, and I have a relatively good story lined up too.

Next I focused on conflict, and various types of conflict.  I was writing on my SoCNoC Novel for KiwiWriters when I was doing this, so I incorporated this into my novel, and it worked.  I believe I have a better understanding of conflict within a story, whether it is situational, relational, intellectual, emotional.

My last group were themes, and I started by writing a novel with short stories, however the idea didn’t quite come off as planned, and will involve a bit more than just writing short stories.  It is something I wish to pursue, so watch this space.

Being a novellist, rather than a short story writer, I found the concept of writing one short story a week very tough, to the point that, while it was a great exercise, I think I will stick to my goals of one a month, and that way I won’t get burnt out and confused, or over stimulated.  As it is I have two novel ideas that are just vying for my attention, and no natural inclination to want to write at the moment.

I have enjoyed the workshop, and especially looked forward to the Saturday’s for the prompts, because some of them were so whimsical and amazing that story ideas just flowed.

Thank you very much Merilee for the time and effort you have put into sourcing the writers who have contributed to the weekly sessions and for your own writing and inspiring efforts.

Creativity Workshop – last review
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2 thoughts on “Creativity Workshop – last review

  • August 2, 2010 at 3:56 am

    Congrats! I think even if the workshop didn’t go completely as planned, it seems as though you still learned a lot about yourself as a writer. Good luck with your next projects 🙂

  • August 4, 2010 at 11:11 am

    You’re welcome, Karen, glad you got something out of it 🙂


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