Happy New Year!  I have been away on holiday for a couple of weeks which would have been refreshing if certain events didn’t take place!  But then thats Christmas isn’t it. 

This year has started out some what ingloriously.  On 30th December, we were rudely awakened in our tent by wind blowing, very strongly around us.  At one stage it sounded like a freight train passing overhead.  The only reason we know it wasn’t a freight train, there are none in the Nelson area!  4:45am we evacuated the tent for the cook house when we heard trees crashing around us.  My beloved told me to get dressed, but I had our son and I was getting out of there.  I did stop and get dressed, but no before another tree fell over.  By the time I got to the cook shed, I was petrified.  We were all OK, but that was only the start of our day.

I went about my usual holiday jobs (and my day job) and when I came back to the camping area, discovered that some trees had been blown over in the paddock directly behind where our tent was standing.  Apparently they had fallen down all day!

The wind had finally eased by the time my son was to go to bed, so intrepidly we decided to stay the night.  But nerves were still frayed, and my beloved was worried about his motorcycle, which is uninsured.  I told him to take it over to the cook shed, which doesn’t have a lot of trees around it.  I settled my son into bed and was about to head there myself when my beloved came and told me he wanted to see me in the tent.  What have I done now?

My beloved had decided to give his motorcycle a good blat, because it had been some time since he had ridden it (it is aptly named Mr Nasty).  Well, my beloved and his motorcycle parted company, rolling my darling into a tree stump and broke his collarbone.  A very bumpy trip to the Village and an ambulance ride to the nearest town, only to have the damage confirmed.  Yip, broken collarbone.

So it was a quiet new years for us.

But the good news, I am part of a new publishing company starting soon, to specialise in horror and all things frightening.  It has been set up by a friend of mine and he asked me to be a proof reader.   It is quite exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time, but definitely something to look forward to.

While on holiday I also came up with a cool idea for a story, so I have done a bit of research here and there to learn more about the people involved.  I am actually looking forward to sinking my teeth into that one!

So 2010, with my goals in place, my beloved forced to rely on me for help, and a new job on the horizon, this year has started out with a hiss and a roar, before it even began!

2010 – Here we come!
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2 thoughts on “2010 – Here we come!

  • January 11, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Full of all kinds of things, hopefully at some point in the year things slow down a little bit and you actually get to enjoy some time off! lol really though, stunning way to enter the new year and it sounds like you’re in a really fab place with the writing/publishing stuff. Go you!

  • January 11, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    Thanks! Yes, while camping got lots of time to think and plan and was nice not to be editing, although was doing a lot of reading… of one kind or another!

    Once number one son goes back to school I am looking forward to getting back into the editing and perhaps even an hour a day on my new story!

    Its just all about finding time… :o)


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