Yes, this post is a day late – because I wasn’t at my best yesterday – but today is a new day.

Like most families, mine is disfunctional, but I love my family none-the-less.

I have a gorgeous son, whom I love hanging out with.  He’s a bit of a hard case, and really developing a sense of humour.  He loves puns, and comes out with them all the time.

From my marriage, I have two step son’s referred to as my “steppies.”  We’ve had our ups and downs, but now that they are older, we all respect one another and their journey.  Hopefully both will still want me to  be in their lives, but time will tell.

My Mum lives with my Poppa fairly close to me, and I get to see them all the time.  My son stays with them most weekends – I think he’s had enough of me by Friday!

My Dad and step mum live a good 2 hour drive away.  I don’t hear from them a lot – and they’re retired.  I told my step Mum, when she married Dad, that if they divorced, I was going with her.  She thought it was funny – Dad not so much.

I have a brother who lives two hours away with a beautiful British Rose.  I see them as often as I can, and my little big bro (he’s 6ft something, way taller than me!)  texts me when he remembers.

I have a fabulous step sister, whom I adore, but don’t get to spend much time with.  She has two beautiful daughters, and two beautiful grandsons.  Now that I have more time on my hands, I need to spend more time with her, as we have a very similar sense of humour.

When my parents remarried, I went from having one brother, to having 2 step sisters, and 5 step brothers (I think I have that right). I don’t communicate with all of them, but that’s okay.

And of course, there are my besties, who I consider family too.  Debs, Rach, Kaye, Karin and Jeannie (yes, I have two new besties!!!)  These girls keep me honest, and I love being around them.  We share similar sense of humour and can be there for each other when we need to.

A family doesn’t have to consist of a mother and a father and siblings – in today’s society, a family can consist of step parents, half siblings, step siblings, step children.  Life isn’t always fair, but it certainly can provide us with a wealth of support when we need it.

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