OK, so I am itching to get back into writing, is there anything wrong with that?  Well if you spoke to my family you would think so.  Apparently, I am glued to the computer…

My day consists of waking up at 5:45am when MY alarm goes off to wake up MY husband…  Don’t go there.  He normally tells me to snooze it a couple of times, by which time I am already wide awake.

At present I have been raspberry picking, so I get up have a shower, wake the kids and get mine and youngest son’s breakfast ready.  If I get a chance, I turn on the computer.  After breakfast, I occasionally sit and play games, but generally I don’t have enough time, so I go to the toilet, brush my teeth, and get out the door.

We pick from 8am until anytime after 10am – sometimes until lunchtime.  Now raspberry picking is hard, backbreaking work, so when I get home, you have a cuppa and a sit down.  Then I notice a speck of dirt on the floor, a piece of lego, some food crumbs, so I pick up the lego, take it to sons room, return to the lounge / dining room with the vacuum cleaner and vacuum.  Then I notice the dust, so I have a dust around the lounge, hallway and dining room and vacuum again, to remove the dust!

Another sit down at the computer and finish playing another game or checking my emails (because my day job email me new jobs), then I decide I had better organise something for lunch.  Then I get to sit and watch CSI Miami – not my favourite, but I have caught up on all the other episodes, so I will put up with it.

1:05pm and I am back in the kitchen deciding what to have to tea, so I take some raspberry’s (or boysenberry’s) and place them on the oven tray in the chest freezer, only to remember that I haven’t taken the meat out of the freezer for tea, so carefully extract the oven tray, get out the meat, put back the oven tray and take the meat to the microwave to defrost.

So I decide on the vegetables and get them sorted out, and everything is ticking along nicely.  I sit down at the computer, for another quick game them look outside.  There is still cloud cover, and a pleasant enough day, so I put on my work boots and go outside.  A head pops up out of the jungle that used to be a chicken coop and a hand waves at me.  I presume it is my youngest son, and I am rewarded with a big smile when I get it right! 

So, the chicken coop, it really needs to be dug over so we can make this our main garden for next year.  So silly me, decides to dig it over – well my beloved can’t with a BROKEN COLLARBONE now can he???

An hour later, I am shattered and covered in sweat and dirt.  Discovered a rather dubious looking plant in the ex chicken coop which turns out to be a very pretty pink fluffy opium poppy!  Didn’t know they came in pink!

Have a quick walk around the garden with Billy, surveying the land, seeing where I need to work next, then inside to wash my hands and remove my boots.  By now it is 4pm and the kids are hungry, so I tell them to hold fire, tea will be early.  I sit down at the computer and do some research for a new story I am working on, which takes about an hour, not to mention check google wave to see if there are any new messages there for me, but alas, no.

4:30pm and my beloved walks in the door, and I have the oven on and tea cooking.  Still have the computer on and checking on various things, including trying to download software for my beloveds new mp3 player, which was originally built with the Ark by Noah’s brother!  (Apparently it is that old!)

5:30pm we have had tea, and dessert (boysenberries and icing sugar), the computer is shut down and I am in the lounge with my right leg up because it feels like the hip is going to pop out of the socket everytime I walk on it.  There is nothing on TV, so I put youngest son to bed and head to bed myself, only being about 7:45pm.

I am, amazingly for me, asleep by 8:30pm, but I think that had a lot to do with the muscle relaxant and the panadol I took for my hip.

Now, not every day is played out like that, but I do keep myself busy so that I don’t appear to be on the computer all day, it just happens that my beloved always seems to see me on the computer when he drives past the dining room window… so I am doomed really, no matter what I say or do, to be seen as CONSTANTLY on the computer!

Computer Addict?
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2 thoughts on “Computer Addict?

  • January 20, 2010 at 11:39 am

    When do you get time for you???

    Seriously, you live a healthy and wonderful lifestyle, and I am in awe.

  • January 20, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    The computer time is my time! Writing is my time to focus on me, that and when I have a shower, which is generally only five minutes long, so I have learnt to power me time! Just like a power nap, except it is spending me time!

    Seriously, time on my own is precious to me, and I squeak out five minutes here and five minutes there when I can! Thankfully I only have one child and two step boys that only stay for half of the holidays, so its not like they are constantly underfoot!


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