After the shitty start to the month, I was kind of not looking forward to my birthday, because, as an adult, we all know that we are expected to do the same thing every day, even when it is your birthday, or Christmas.  This year, it proved to be different.

My birthday was on Thursday and I turned 43. I’m not ashamed to admit my age, because I think my 40s is when I have really started to make changes in my life.  My motto for my 40th Birthday (and for the rest of my 40s) was SOAR – Stretch Out and Risk – and I published my first novel that year.

On Thursday I headed off to spend some time with Mum and her best friend (and my other mother) Sandy, before heading over to Nelson to pick up my friend, Pete, from Wellington who wanted to come down and spend the day with me.  We had lunch at the Boat Shed Restaurant, our eating place, before heading home and fish and chips for tea.

Friday, I wanted to try out a local eating place, Rabbit Hill.  Wow, I was blown away by the lovely food.  I had Rabbit Stew and Pete had a Rabbit Burger.  I was going to have salmon, but when you get an offer like rabbit, you gotta try it. It was a lovely afternoon and after we dropped my son off, we cracked into a bottle of sparkling pinot gris and ate crackers, pate and cheeses, because we were still so full from lunch.

Saturday, we rushed over to Picton, and jumped on the yacht and sailed in the sounds.  My, that really does refresh the soul spending time with the wind in your hair, salt spray, the flapping of the sails.  And we got to see a shark swimming in the water, which was pretty amazing.

Sunday we got up late, but headed back to Nelson to pick up my son and then over to Te Waikoropupu Springs in Golden Bay, to have a look at them before the Tasman District Council uses the springs to irrigate local farming and kills the micro-organisms in the springs which make the water crystal clear – and then becoming just another hole in the ground.

It was a fairly epic weekend, and one that I will remember and cherish for years to come.  My year is all about experiences, I have certainly had a few this weekend.

Lovely to spend time with family and friends, especially after the rough start to the month.  Its nice to have friends who want to make you feel special, and I am so thankful to all my besties for doing that for me in my rough times.

So how did your weekend go?  Feel free to let me know.


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