I have been thinking about my writing mentors lately and a small inkling came into the back of my mind.  Who are my life mentors?  I mean, who do I look up to, respect and listen to their advice.  It might just surprise you.

God – I have made no secret of my christianity (although I prefer believer), and every morning I wake up and talk to God.  Just asking him to give me the grace to handle the day, and if it is a bad day, God allowed that to happen for a reason.  I don’t question him, he allows things to happen for a reason.  He has allowed the depression, so perhaps one day I might be able to reach out to someone and help them, like so many have reached out to me.

My Mum – I love my mum.  We have been through a lot together – the split of our family, the departure of my brother, abandonment by

Mum and Bobba
Mum and Bobba

her best friend, death of my nanna and grandad within a year of each other. I had to help Mum through her hard times, because no one else was there for her.  She made it through, and now she supports me.  She doesn’t understand what is going on in my head, but she asks questions and helps me out in any way she can.

Mum’s advice has been priceless, whether it has been about raising my son, or driving the car (yes, I’ve had my full license for 20 years and she is still telling me how to get somewhere…).  My mum is a wonderful person who has stood by me during my hardest days.

My Bobba – He suffers from depression too.  Whenever we catch up, he hugs me, looks me in the eye and asks “How are you really?”  He knows if I am not being honest, but I can be honest with him.  He understands.  Our depression might be different, but he understands what I am saying.  He brought John Kirwan’s All Blacks Don’t Cry and put our names inside the cover.  It is our book to share.

My BFF – Rach – She too suffers depression, and she was the first to set alarm bells ringing when she told me I needed to see the doctor.  We work together, but often we don’t talk, because she doesn’t like to mix business with pleasure – lol.

Rach is a wonderful, kind, caring person who I can turn to in times of need and I know that she understands me, even if I don’t.

Yvonne – My first boss, Yvonne was a woman Loss Adjuster when there were only about 3 within NZ.  She was my mentor at work, and outside of work too.  We spent a lot of time together and she taught me a lot about Assessing and encouraged me with my studies and furthering my career.  Unfortunately our paths veered away from each other, but I contact her by email every now and again to catch up with her.

Other people whom I hold in High Esteem:

Mrs Booth – is one of the teachers at the school where I work.  She has a keen sense of humour and always been so kind.  Every holidays she tells me to come up and see her at her place if I need to get away, she has a “whare” at her property which can be used for camping.

Mrs Booth knows I suffer from depression, and she works with me on a couple of projects that I am involved in through the school.  she is always checking in with me, making sure I am okay, and not taking too much on.  I know I can approach her and talk to her about anything, and she wouldn’t get upset, inside she would give me a hug and a tea towel to dry my tears.

Mrs Mytton – another teacher at the school, her husband suffers from depression, so we have been able to have some indepth discussions about the problem.  She has a wicked sense of humour and is fun to have around.  She is always making me laugh and is only a phone call away if I need her (or her husband to jumpstart my car!)

There are plenty of other people that I look up to, but haven’t mentioned here, and it doesn’t mean that I don’t love them or respect them, it is more about their privacy.  I would include my husband, but he is in a league of his own.

It is important to have wonderful people in your life who are able to support and encourage you, because some days you can’t do that for yourself.  That is when your mentors help you to see the blue sky behind the clouds, let you know that the sun is still shining, just not on you right now, but it is still shining.

Life Mentors
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