No, its not me!  This is Catherine Taylor, a NZ based erotic writer.  What is her method for writing a story?

Rarely a day goes by without me having written something, whether it’s working on my latest book or playing with a poem. Writing has been a major part of my life since I first learned to write. It was only in recent years that I began reading many interesting articles about the writing process.

Up until then, I had never really thought about my writing style. Having never attended a writing class or such, my writing was what it is and I had no idea about the do’s and don’ts of it. I’d learned the basic rules of structure and a feel for where those climatic moments needed to be, but my focus was upon other aspects that were far more important to me.

I was told that I’m an organic writer, or ‘seat of the pants’ writer, because I don’t plot, I just write without an end in sight. Don’t ask me what’s going to happen, because I don’t know. For well over half the story, I’m in the dark as much as you are and I’m just along for the ride with my characters. I don’t look back, I just keep writing and get to the end.

My stories begin with an idea or a scene that plays out in my mind, which may have been inspired by music or I’ve seen a news article and said to myself ‘what if.’ One of the main characters in my books came about while watching the gymnastics during the Olympic Games. I marvelled at these young girls with their sensational abilities and wondered if this pursuit was their ultimate dream, or whether they harboured secrets of something completely different. It led me to the creation of my all-time favourite character Mairead who was as controversial as she was exciting and frustrating. Now I needed the story to let her strut her stuff.

I began by putting her in conflict right from the outset and needing a hero that was equally formidable, but entirely contradictory to her values and personality. This allowed more conflict to be solved, and with a villain added to the mix, I had plenty of story. I knew my characters intimately, how they would react to each problem and with Mairead’s often weird and irresponsible approach to situations, the story took unexpected twists and turns that added to the excitement. The unusual aspect about my heroine was that she wasn’t a nice person and didn’t become one until late in the story. Even then, she had a lot of growing up to do, but we could see how she had learned from her experiences. Character is everything to me and they must be unique. They don’t have to be likable but they must be interesting and react truthfully to each conflict as their character would do.

Once I have that first draft complete, then comes the most exciting part, editing. I finally get to read what I’ve written. From there everything gets tightened, plot holes are filled, excess is taken out. By then I may have thought of a better way to approach a scene and do a whole rewrite of it. The first draft is my lump of clay and I don’t stop shaping it until I’m loving every word of my story.

When asked what advice I would give a new author, I always say invest in character. Know everything about your character from their looks to what they like to spread on their toast. Know how they speak, how they deal with situations and then let your character guide you. Keep throwing in those obstacles, no matter how bizarre. Give your character a challenge and trust them to solve it. Get to the end of that first draft and then you have something to work with, and then take your lump of clay and start shaping it into something beautiful.

For me, writing is an adventure and I constantly look forward to the next exciting escapade.

Check out Catherine’s latest release:

TSins of the masterhe long awaited sequel to MASTER that begins where THE LINE TRILOGY ends.

In 1995, Jahn Zaleski left Ukraine and became Dylan Tyler, world renowned photographer and recluse, only seen by those chosen to serve him.
Nineteen years later, he has everything he needs to stay hidden from the world, but sex, wealth and technology won’t shield him from the memory of the woman he left behind. With origins forged in violence and death, Dylan knows that love can never be part of his life, and even those who call him Master must never know of the darkness that resides in him.
But others won’t let the past stay buried. Adele Easton is facing a long term in prison, unless she can prove that Dylan is more than what he appears. As secrets are uncovered, Adele finds herself ill-prepared for the Pandora’s Box she opens and the terror she unleashes.
Dylan becomes aware of the danger when troublesome ally, Mairead Vaughn, unwittingly becomes a player in a complex game of espionage, murder and vengeance. A problem shared is now a problem that is rapidly growing out of control, and the sins of the Master are about to be visited upon anyone he has ever cared for.

Sins of the Master is a standalone novel that is a sequel to Master, but takes place nineteen years later. The main character was originally introduced in A Line Crossed, the second book of The Line Trilogy. Master is the story of his past.

Readers, please be aware that this story contains graphic violence, explicit sex scenes and fetish elements, including BDSM, age play and anal play. It also deals with sexual abuse, alcoholism, depression and suicide. Readers are advised to use the ‘look inside’ feature for a generous sample of the story before purchasing this book.

AuthorPicCatherine Taylor is an erotic thriller/romance author living in the South Island of New Zealand. Writing has been a passion for over forty years, and in that time she has written stories, plays for the theatre and screenplays for film. In 2012, she self-published the first of her five books, all of which have been top 100 bestsellers in erotica on Amazon UK.
When she is not writing, she is a wife of 30 years, a mother of four and a grandmother to two. Her other passions include genealogy and acting, and she has appeared in two feature New Zealand films and worked on film sets alongside such greats as Anthony Hopkins.

Catherine’s Writing Process

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