I met Sian through an email where she was asking for Beta readers.  This amazing book has to be read to be believed.  She is releasing The Ecstasy Code in the next couple of days, so I decided to jump in first and asked her to answer some questions about writing:

Hi everyone I’ve just got to tell you I am so very newThe Ecstacy Code OTHER SITES - Copy (2) - Copy to this whole blogging thing; so you can imagine how immensely grateful I am to Catherine for kindly giving me some hints as to what to write in this piece.

Where did the inspiration for the book come from?

My inspiration for writing Nichasin and Siobhan’s story; that’s a tricky one, I suppose I could let one phase answer for me ‘Flawed Heroes’. But I know I should elaborate a little further, so I will tell you of a series of books that I read years ago. It was actually a series owned by my mother, a historical romance called ‘Angélique’ the Marquise of the Angels, by Anne and Serge Golon. 

How long did it take you to write this book?

I started it a several years back, actually it’s a series.

Why do you write?

Flawed heroes again; I love them. In fact I’ve met a few, but, none as fallen as Siobhan’s Nichasin or Angélique’s Jeoffrey de Peyrac. And it’s a given, I would never write about them anyway. 

What is the best thing about writing?

I think my answer to that question is—being able to take fictional characters and make them real. I especially like building off-beat characters, often secondary characters to the main story. I mean where else but in the imagination can you form villainous unpleasant individuals that you can attribute with very little intelligence, and lavish them with a mouthful of decaying teeth or ghastly warts on their noses. And with your very next thought conjure up a trail blazing female who launches her Knightsbridge purchased Louboutin’s at the proverbial glass ceiling. 

Who are your favourite authors?

Paullina Simons, Bernard Cornwall and Nicci French

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

As far as my writing goes; I see myself maybe writing a chick-Lit.

What are you writing next?

Oh, that’s easy. I’ve got ‘The Exquisite Code’ book two in this series to finish.  

I want to thank Catherine Mede so much for this very special opportunity  to interact with you her readers—All my thanks to a truly wonderful Kiwi writer. Here’s to the sisterhood. 


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Author Bio

I’m a wife a mother and an imaginist. Though my homeland is New Zealand, I love to travel and have lived the world over. Because of this the characters in my books live out their pain; their crimes; their fantasies; and their sensual eccentricities in the many corners of our planet. The first wave of Nichasin and Siobhan’s story tantalizes from New Orleans, a city I adore. That being so I couldn’t resist making the Crescent City the background for my intrepid lovers to live their life of — Grand Passion.

Check out Sian’s website The Ecstasy Code for details of when the book will be released.  Check out Sian’s facebook page and her twitter account for release information too.

New Release – The Ecstasy Code by Sian Liege
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