Having spent most of the summer reading Mills and Boon Intrigue series (because I had lots of them, and they were quick and easy reads), I was pleasantly surprised to discover a romance written by a man.  Don’t get me wrong, men can write love stories, but there is a difference between romance and a roll in the hay.

I was a bit weary about reading this after I read Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas, which had me bawling my eyes out for an entire day.  But I was obviously in a better frame of mind when I read this one.  It was still an emotional story, but so beautifully written.  And this time, the main character Jennifer has two major issues to deal with.

Jennifer receives a call to say that her beloved grandmother is in hospital, in a coma.  She rushes to be by her side during this time.  While at her grandmothers place on the lake, she meets up with an old summer holiday friend, Brendan, of course, they are both grown up now.  While at her grandmothers, we learn that Sam has left a series of letters for Jennifer, who had been pressuring her to reveal some of her story. 

What Jennifer gets is a crash course in love.  Jennifer, still reeling from the death of her husband and her unborn baby, discovers that love grows beyond any boundaries, and the annoying Brendan, who seems to be constantly in her face, suddenly becomes a friend, then a lover that she learns to rely on.  However, Brendan has a heartbreaking story of his own.

There were so many pieces of the story woven together, the story of Sam and her love, Jennifer and her pain, and her new love, and Brendan’s pain, all come together with a surprising, yet beautiful ending, and a new beginning.

This story was well written, enough to make me want to write a review and recommend it to other readers out there!  The way that Mr Patterson weaves the story together, the emotions that he captures and transmits through his pages is just stirring.  Although this story is sad, and follows a similar formula to Suzannes Diary for Nicholas, somehow this one has more of hope to it. 

I especially like the short chapter structure, and I found I was easily half way through the book before I even realised.  It was a compelling read and I recommend this to anyone who is looking for something more than a romance story.

Sam’s Letters to Jennifer – James Patterson
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