Two events have occurred recently which has made me hot under the collar and while I was going to write about writing, instead I need to get this off my chest.

I hate bullies.

I absolutely loathe those who are cowards and use hurtful words to make themselves look or feel better.  But they don’t just use words.  No, their actions can be painful too.

I was bullied at school.  I hated it.

I was bullied at Primary school and college (equivalent of high school).  And because my parents weren’t doctors, lawyers, accountants, architect’s, engineers or dentists, then I was nothing. Most of the girls who went to school were rich, their mummies and daddies got them whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.  They would pick on me, because they had nothing better to do and they thought I would be a victim.  The fact I didn’t react probably spurred them on.

They did some nasty things, wrote nasty things, said nasty things.  They went through my school bag on a regular basis, invading my privacy.  They even put chewing gum on the back of the seat when I sat down in assembly.  I had to go without my jersey to school for the rest of the day, and Mum had to freeze it off.

These girls were mean.  Down right nasty mean.  And the school let them get away with it. And they wonder why I don’t want to be involved in any Old Girls associations!  Ha bloody ha ha, that is a really big joke.

And people wonder why I prefer my own company!

The two events; one was two children, one of them my son’s age and her younger brother.  They are of a different ethnicity from the rest of the area, but they are well known.  Another child at the local park told them to f*&k off.  I wasn’t there at the time or I probably would have punched the kid in the face.  That really angers me.  But what angers me more, is that none of the other kids stuck up for these two children.  They knew them too, and respect their parents, but they were too afraid to stand up to this bully – who also bullied my own son on another occasion.

The second event is Amanda Todd, which seems to be a buzz word for bullying lately.  She committed suicide after bullying and cyberbullying.  This really sickens me.  How could someone get away with such treatment?  How can they be allowed to bully?  Why don’t their friends stand up to them and tell them to knock it off?

And that is what angers me the most.  The bully’s are one thing, but standing by and allowing it to happen really does bother me too.  They are as bad as the bully’s if they don’t tell them to knock it off.  I don’t let my son talk to anyone in an inappropriate manner and I certainly hope that others would bale him up too if they heard him saying something hurtful.

Sorry for the rant, I just needed to get it out.  It is a pet peeve that goes back to my own childhood.

I propose that we start bullying the bully, that we start standing up to these people when we hear them saying or doing something that is unacceptable and tell them we don’t like it.  Peer pressure will work, and eventually they will be the one’s without friends.  I am not saying we start beating them up, I don’t advocate violence, but I do believe that words are powerful weapons and can be used for good.

So talk to your children, your grandchildren, friends, family and tell them that bullying is unacceptable and to stand up to those who are doing it to others.  If enough of us do it, we can make a difference.

Anti Bullying!
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