I am relieved in a way that the Ice Planet story was chosen, because the main female character has been driving me nuts for some time.

Vyvica is her name.  I tried to rename her several times, and even give her a royal title, but she refused.  I wanted a distinctly Gothic name, but couldn’t really think of anything.  I liked Vy, and she kind of suggested to make it “spiky”, so Vyvica it became.

Let me tell you about Vyvica.  She first started invading my mind about two years ago.  She is very forceful and told me that she wanted a strong story to go with her.  She has got it, in fact it is the most action packed story I have written.  Already in the first two scenes, she has been shot at, lost one of her  best friend’s, and about to have an emotional breakdown.  (Don’t tell her I said that!)

Vyvica is a strong willed person, and the head of the army.  She has to be, there is no way she would have been obedient enough for me to start the story with her lower than commander.  She is very straight laced, has few friends and demands respect.  By the end of the story, she is going to be a completely different person, I can assure you of that!

The main lead character is Kelvaras.  I have loved the name since I first heard it.  It is based on a town in California (although I am sure it is spelt Calvaras) and the name just inspired a vigilante type of loner.  He isn’t in it for anything except the pay packet.

Vyvica and Kelvaras are both strong characters in their own rights, and I expect sparks to fly when these two meet.  Especially when they start having to trust one another, which is something that neither wants to do.  Neither of them trust anyone except themselves, another aspect of the story that will change by the end.

I am unsure at this stage whether one or both will survive the ending of the story, I have some possibilities at this stage, and I am pleased to report that so far, the story hasn’t really followed the one I have plotted, but it isn’t too far away from it either, so when I need to bring it back, it won’t be a big stretch.

So anyway, how are others going with their writing?  What do you like/dislike about your characters?

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