Charlotte DawsonCharlotte Dawson was a NZ born celebrity who struggled with depression.  On 22nd February 2014, she was discovered dead in her own apartment – Police aren’t looking for anyone in connection with her death.  Which means she killed herself.

Ms Dawson was an intelligent beautiful woman, successful and on the outside, appeared to have it all.  But she had suffered depression for many years, and while trying to break the stigma of it, often shared her thoughts and experiences through Social Media (mostly through Twitter).  She suffered abuse and cyberbulling and told to “go and kill yourself.”

It is shocking to think that people have no empathy out there, and are willing to say something as stupid as that behind the guise of a twitter account.  Nobody came out and said that to her face.

I heard about her death at my party on Saturday night, and it actually stunned me.  While I sympathised with her for her struggles – I understood how hard it could be to live with depression.  I couldn’t understand though, why she never found the answers that she was searching for, because depression is about finding the problem and solutions to make yourself better.

But these are my thoughts on the matter of her suicide:

I don’t know whether to be angry, sad or frustrated.  Why?

Angry because she has basically told people – through her actions – that it is okay to end your life because it isn’t worth it.  She was trying to be a role model…

Sad because she couldn’t find the answers that she was desperately looking for… (to be loved, to be wanted…), because of the effects it will have on her family (why couldn’t we help her, why didn’t she talk to us.)

Frustrated that while people might not have actually contributed to her death, it does say something about society that they believed they had a right to tell her to “go kill yourself”.

Life with depression is hard, it is frustrating and confusing, but some people are determined to get better and work hard at getting their life back on track.  Whether this is done via medication, counselling, exercising, journaling, talking… the list goes on. Depression is curable, it doesn’t have to end with your own death – there are other options out there.

So I hope, Ms Dawson, that you have finally found the peace you were looking for.  I just pray that thousands of others out there discover that there are more positive answers.

Charlotte Dawson RIP 22 February 2014
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