I hate disruptions.  Anything that interferes with my time for writing, just really gets to me.  Unfortunately, it seems that disruptions are a part of our lives and have to be worked through.

Last year, I was on a roll with writing, I had the first book done, was concluding the second one, when there was a huge storm in the Nelson area.  This was not just a disruption.  This was a major inconvenience that threw my whole writing into chaos.

Now a storm doesn’t sound like a disruption unless the house was flooded, the roof caved in or was blown off.  Well, none of those things happened to me.  Where we live, we actually missed the worst of it.  No, my job as an Insurance Assessor interrupted my secret life as a writer.

For the next 6 weeks, I spent nearly every day in Nelson, looking at wet carpet, stained ceilings and non existent roofs.  It was devastating for the people involved, and it wasn’t until I was immersed in the situation that the gravity of it really hit me.  It might be an interruption for my writing, but these people have had a major catastrophe happen to them.  It doesn’t just disrupt their lives, it interferes with it until the roof is replaced / fixed, the leak is found and stopped, then the repairs can proceed.  Some jobs are quick and easy, others take months to resolve.

So now, when I have a disruption (such as moving house??!) I have to stop and remind myself of how much more inconvenient it is for others out there who have to move and don’t have anywhere to move to. 

My motto in life, there is always someone out there worse off than I am.

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