You may remember me mentioning my beloved cat during SoCNoC, how he had taken over the keyboard of my laptop.  Well now that the weather is cold, he has taken over something else.  Yes, the horse.

He is all saddled up and ready to go.

He recently had two abcesses on his rump burst, which could explain why he was such a mummy’s boy for a while, but now that they are gone, he is back to being his usual grumpy self.

But I do love my big boy.  His brother, Cooper died at Easter last year, and that was heartbreaking for me, so Everest gets spoilt rotten.  But if you ask him, he would deny it.  He hates everybody and everything, and only sits on my knee so he can use his claws on my thighs!

I love him to pieces, my 11 year old boy, he’s getting slower in his old age, and more crotchety – will be interesting just how grumpy this old man will get!  He’s not terribly fussed on the new edition to the family, Rosey, the neighbours cat which made itself at home here, but they have been seen sleeping together (just don’t tell anyone!  And it wasn’t even a cold day!)

Rosey is popular in the family, even my husband who isn’t a cat person likes her, although she hasn’t worked out yet that he will not, never ever, feed her.

I suspect that Everest, the Wonder Cat, has been out protecting his little sister, but the looks on his face when he gets in… it tells its own story!  And that is another thing I love about him, his expressive face.  His mother and brother, Cooper, were both manx – tailless cats, so he doesn’t use his tail in the usual manner of cats.  Instead I have learnt to watch his face, and his eyebrows can go lower than any human’s I have ever met.  And when they do, you back away very very slowly, and don’t make any sudden moves… Or his size 9 paws will rip you to shreds!

He is a big cat, weighed in at 4.6kgs recently, but he isn’t fat.  He is a big boned cat, very solidly built, but as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  He loves those who he is familiar with, and if he isn’t, he won’t come near you.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I love my cat(s) and I wanted to share one of my inspirations with you.

Everest the Wonder Cat
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