Well, the weekend is over and I got a little bit of reading in, but I have a full on start to the week, but I can’t let it overwhelm me.  It is very easy to let that happen.  One defence is to take one day at a time, and just go with the flow.  If it turns to custard, so be it.

Today I am reader writer for a NCEA exam at the local school.  Its from 9 – 12, which isn’t too bad.  But when I come home I have to change the sheets on a bed for the babysitter for tomorrow and make tea for my son and babysitter.  Tomorrow is a full on day, and I really don’t want to think about that just yet, but I still have to plan for it.

Tomorrow, I have counselling in the morning, then two claims to look at, then home, my Avon boss is picking me up and we are driving back in town to set up for the Sales Event, which takes place at 7pm until 9pm, but we have to unpack the set up and bring it all home again, so won’t be home until 11pm!  One very long day. 

I had plans for Wednesday too, but I have put them off.  I think I will need some time to myself after such a big day on Tuesday, and counselling normally stirs things up, so I need the time to allow myself some time to process it, cry over it, or laugh about it, whatever the case may be.

So once more, I have to find more time.  Why can’t days have 26 hrs?  An extra two would make all the difference!  Or would it?

Find Time Pt 2
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One thought on “Find Time Pt 2

  • November 15, 2011 at 7:10 am

    Hmm, I think I would find an extra two being sucked away pretty easily! An extra day in the week would be awesome though 😉 no, in the weekend!!

    It sounds like a great idea to give yourself Wed off. I am struggling a bit at the moment as we’ve all of a sudden got two very busy days in the week so Tue and Thur see me feeling pretty exhausted and not wanting to get a lot of things done! I hope you find some lovely restful things to do on Wednesday and that the sun is shining on you 🙂

    Oh and I hope today goes smoothly too!


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