This video is one that has done the rounds on social media, but I think it is something that needs to be watched and shared.

Simon and Gary on MoreFM were discussing how women are suffering from burnout because of all that they do.  And its true.  Women (and Men) are getting run down from having to work, run a house, look after children and a husband.  Back in the days of these ladies, they only had the kids to raise, they didn’t have to go to work, because their husband was able to bring home a decent wage that would be sufficient for the family, but now, wages are pitiful, and so most modern houses have two income earners in them.

Women aren’t finding that time to relax and unwind.  Which is sad.  It is one of the things I have had to learn – and fast.  You have to find downtime, or you will be out for a long time.  I use my writing, art, reading, yoga and exercise as my downtime, and they give me the lift I need to keep going.  A quick fix is watching a funny video – like AFV on youtube.  A real belly laugh can really brighten your soul when you have a sad or bad moment.

Life is too short to burn out.  And it isn’t pretty when you do, because life doesn’t stop, it keeps going.  You HAVE to find time for yourself, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Mindfulness is being aware of where you are and what you are doing.  Its a strange concept for some, but I get a real sense of that when I am gold panning.  I’m sitting in the water, swirling my pan, looking for little glimmers of gold.  My mind isn’t thinking, it is peaceful, just enjoying the actions.  Find something you like and focus on it.  Even if you can only do it for 5 minutes.  Just being aware of yourself for 5 minutes, doing your favourite thing, can help you recharge these depleting batteries.  Scientists believe that 5 minutes of mindfulness can help you keep going for a couple of hours.  Sit on the back door step in the sun, and have your coffee.  Savour the flavour, the smell, the sensations you get from drinking it, the sun on your face, the colours of your garden, or fence, or backyard, the sensation of peace.  Yes, you will find peace.  You just have to search for it sometimes.

This video below is also made by Sanctuary Spa, and this is the reason why you need to relax, breathe and let go.


Find time in your day today, even for just 5 minutes, and relax, breathe.  And Let Go.

#LetGo and Start Being
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