Bedroom view, western ranges

I live in a rural location.  I like the peace and tranquility that such a location provides.  I freak out when I have to go to town and suffer through grocery shopping.  But it has to be done.  The funny thing is, I used to live in the city – and I loved it!

If you asked me ten years ago that I would be living in the back of beyond, I would have laughed out loud in your face – me?  In the Country?  That’s hilarious!   I liked driving to work, I liked being able to wonder around the shops during my lunchtime – I also liked to smoke and drink back then – I enjoyed going to the pub for a drink, having after work drinks.  I enjoyed the noise, the fuss, the atmosphere of the city.

6 (and a half) years ago, we moved out to our now current home.  At the time, my husband and I still commuted to work (hell, they do it in Auckland, we can do it here), sometimes we shared a vehicle, but once our son came along and I started working part time, I took my own car.  I didn’t like driving into town quite as much as I used to.  I enjoyed sitting on the back door step and listening to the tui, bellbirds and magpies in the paddock and native bush next door.   The sound of the refrigerator the only thing that kept us awake at night.

Now – well what can I say?  I live in a rural village, cows walk passed the letterbox on their way from one side of the village to the other.  There are large open spaces here, our new place backs onto a large domain, we only have two neighbours – one on either side – and they are quiet too.

Maybe I am just getting old (which I am not when I am thirty mumble) but the quiet lifestyle, the friendly neighbourhood community and the tight knit friends I have made here, I have finally found a place I can really call home!

Life in the Slow Lane
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