My Mum has to be one of my biggest supporters.  But then she’s biased!

She often sends me little messages, telling me at the end that “the lecture is over”.  However, I don’t see it as a lecture, more as her cheerleading.

Here is a snippet of a recent “lecture”

Make next year your big leap forward and don’t let anyone hold you back. You have to be true to yourself and I have seen you slip very quietly back into some old ways but I have done it myself and it can be hard work to keep up and keep implementing the good stuff and tools you have learnt. One huge leap for me was when I realised the only approval I needed was Gods and to be honest I couldn’t care less what people say or think about me because it doesn’t matter any more. You are beautiful, talented, creative and a whole lot more. In fact a freaken awesome women so shake off the dust, stand tall, I love the blond again by the way xx Heaps of people love you and will encourage you. That’s your lecture for 2015. No more I promise. Go for your full potential and to hell with anyone who tries to smother you. xxxxx
Thanks Mum. You made me cry – they are beautiful words. I have quietly been working away on my own goals and things. But you’re right. Its hard to keep everything in mind when it comes to changes. I need to go back through my stuff with Courtney and reread it.  I love you Mum. x x x
Love you too sweetheart and I know the potential you have and I know you are not feeling fulfilled in your life whether domestic side or creative side but you can do it, I know you can. Your an incredible person and like me you need those prison bars to slide back and feel the freedom or being who you are and being what you were created to be. I tell you it is fantastic and no words to describe the contentment and peace that you feel when you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. Whoops, sorry, I said no more lectures but I want to see you in full bloom. xxxxx I want to see men walking into lampposts again….. I still smile at the memory.
That doesn’t sound like a lecture to me.  It sounds more like her encouraging me.  A lecture is considered as something where you are being told something that you need to learn.  I’ve learnt it, I just need to remember it.  Hence the cheerleading.  It is constantly reminding the team that they have support and encouragement.
This year, I would like to be a cheerleader for someone.  If you want me to be your cheerleader, message me on with “Cheerleader” in the message title and let me know why you need me to be your personal cheerleader for the coming year.
As for 2016 – its going to be a big year.  Why?  I really don’t know, but if I continue to look at it as ‘just another year’ nothing spectacular will happen.  I have some goals that I want to achieve this year in lots of different areas, but I will post them later.
From me here in New Zealand, I am wishing all my fans, readers and friends a safe and Happy New Year and a year full of new experiences.
New Year Cheerleader
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One thought on “New Year Cheerleader

  • December 31, 2015 at 5:30 am

    I would email you, but you’re already a cheerleader. Here’s to all of us blooming a little bigger and brighter next year xx


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