All Blacks Don't Cry

John Kirwan
John Kirwan

An interesting article from Sir John Kirwan – taken from his new book Stand By Me – written with two psychologists.

John Kirwan was an All Black at a young age, and made it big fast.  What no one realised was that the young man was having panic attacks and suffering from feelings of being inadequate, which left him wondering what was happening and on a downward spiral into depression.  In a sport like Rugby, you can’t afford to feel like you aren’t part of the team.

Sir John was knighted for his services to Mental Health.  I have read his book ‘All Blacks Don’t Cry” and he has become like a mentor for me.  Everyone’s journey is different, but he has been to the depths of the black hole and knows how hard it is to come back, but he has done it, and he wants to help others out there too.

This article, from the NZ Herald is about Society and how everything has to happen now.  Rush rush is all we seem to do, yet he is telling us that we need to slow down.  And kids need to learn how to cope and be ‘in the moment’ to help them in the future.  Interesting Article.

For more information or you want help with depression, check out – John Kirwan will talk you through the steps you need to take.  🙂


Society is Moving too Fast
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