I am in a dark place right now.  The cloud isn’t over the back of my head, it is all around me.  I’ve had an atrocious morning, I broke a crystal glass that my late nanna gave me, and instead of crying, I was angry because it broke and I had to clean it up.  Then there was no porridge left, so I had to have ricies instead, and to top it off, I made my cup of tea with cold water!

So how the hell have I got back here?  Seriously, I was down, yes, but not in hell!  My medication is obviously not working, so have to go back to the Doc, when I can.  It is a public holiday here today, we have another one on Wednesday, so my Doc will be back on Friday, and being a popular lady, I might not get in to see her until the following week!

I so want to rant about how crappy I feel, but I don’t want to switch my wonderful followers off!  I don’t even know how I got back into such a dark place after such a wonderful weekend! I helped out at the local bookfair, and ended up in the kitchen making coffee’s because I knew how to work the coffee machine.  I volunteered to go back on Sunday and ended up working there all day.  It was fun, and I loved the ladies I was working with, so much fun, laughter and hugs!

But at the end of the day, three negative things happened which brought me back to earth.  It was hard, because I had such a wonderful day.  So I dismissed those negative things, and had a quiet evening to myself.

This morning, I am at least able to recognise that I am self defeating.  Even though I had a great couple of days, I am deliberately pulling myself back down into the dark place.

I have some people in my life, whom I consider as Space Invaders.  They probably aren’t even consciously aware of what they are doing, but they tend to just run rough shod over you.  I need to reach a place where I can tell this person to leave me alone, but how do you do that without offending them?

Anyway, best I get on with my day, and try and focus on the positive.

Space Invaders
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