When I was a little girl, my Mum always told me that if there was a challenge, I faced it

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head on.  For example the gate.

We lived on a hill section facing out over port Nelson.  It had a steep driveway and there were awesome neighbours either side, Jean and Frank lived in Number 4, and  old Mr Sherman lived at number 8.  The Burkes lived at the end of the cul de sac at Number 10 (although they were often away and had people house sitting, including Seato an Irish Red Setter who became my best friend one summer!).

Our property had a steep footpath from the driveway down to the house, and it was fenced with a latched gate at the top.  But that didn’t stop a determined 2 year old.  If there was a gate, it was a challenge, and I had to find a way over it, under it, through it or around it, just so I could visit the neighbours.

Its funny what you remember when you are sitting in Counselling talking about challenges, because lately, if there was a (metaphorical) gate in my way.  I just sat down and waited for someone else to open it, because I didn’t have the tools to do that.

What happened to that determined little girl?  She got lost in the scheme of life.  Stress, pressures and other contributing factors complicated a life that didn’t need to be complicated and I lost the ability to accept and face my challenges.  I forgot how to act and how to think logically about how to get over the obstacle in my way.  I forgot how to be determined.  I either sat there and waited for the gate to magically open on its own, or asked someone else to open it for me.

I learnt something today.  That I still have the determination to get over the fence, no matter what the obstacle might be.  And I still have the ability to problem-solve the obstacle (under, over, around or through???)  None of that changed because I became depressed, it was just lost in the confusion that was my mind.  I am still capable of opening the gate myself and stepping through (or climbing over it, or through it, or (though nearly impossible as an adult) under it).

A challenge in life now is something I can look at and say, Oh goodie, a gate to get through.  It gives me an opportunity to do something that I haven’t done in a while and make the most of the opportunity.  The upside of climbing the gate was visiting the neighbours (and freaking my mum out!).  Now, climbing the obstacle and getting to the other side is an accomplishment that I can be proud of (and Mum doesn’t freak out now!)

Now I know that this post sounds very weird and out there, but it makes sense to me, and I guess that is all  that really matters.  And the fact that I have rediscovered another ability that I had long since given up – going out and visiting old friends!

So if you have a challenge out there, that you are struggling to get over, take heart.  You have probably done it once before, you can do it again.


The Gate
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  • February 9, 2012 at 9:18 am

    Well done!! That’s an amazing thing to rediscover and I can only imagine that all kinds of possibilities will open up for you now that you’re not letting those gates get in your way 🙂 I’m really excited for you

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