Music has really turned a corner lately.  It has that old fashioned 60’s sound to it – like Meaghon Trainors “It’s all about the Base” and “Your Lips are Movin'” and even the Madden Brothers (Good Charlotte Garage / Grunge band) sounds rather retro with “We are Done” and “Dear Jane”.

I’ve always had an ecclectic style of music – from classical (Tchaichovsky and Beethoven) to classic rock and roll (Beatles, Rolling Stones), to pop (Duran Duran of the 80’s), Rap (Eminem, Macklemore), and Rock / Heavy Rock (Alice Cooper, Def Leppard).  And I can’t really classify myself as any particular music lover… I don’t know why, but I will listen to anything as long as it sounds good.

Some of my absolute favourites at the moment: Maroon 5 – Animals, GRL – Ugly Heart, The Veronicas – You Ruin Me and Taylor Swifts – Blank Face and Shake It Off.  Of course Anything that Lorde produces is worth listening too, my favourite though is Tennis Court.

I also like… wait for it… dubstep music – yeah, anything with a good beat – like Skrillex – Bangarang a firm favourite.  My son has similar tastes to me, which is quite lucky, because we spend a lot of time together.  My husband has different tastes from me altogether, although we do agree on the Rolling Stones, Beatles and Eric Clapton.

Of course my influences are from my parents – Mum grew up in the 60’s and listened to the Beatles, Elvis, and Rolling Stones, whereas my Dad loved Tijuana Brass Band and Ackerbilk, although I do love the Shadows as well.

Music has quite an influence on my life, it always has.  I’ve listened to thousands of hours over the years – just to escape from the world I lived in at the time, and I use it when I am writing to create moods for the particular seem I am writing.  That is where classical music is best – dark and moody music leads to dramatic dark moments in my writing, whereas rock and roll gives a more upbeat, light and breezy feel.

Music also influences my own moods too.  I guess Skrillex makes me feel rather manic when I hear it, but I don’t mind, I sometimes need the motivation to get up and moving!

Of course, the whole reason I am blogging about Music, is to introduce you to my new favourite type of music – Mashups.  I recently discovered Robin Skouteris on Facebook, and I have to say this is one incredibly talented man.  His Pop Love songs, mashing together the top hits of the year, are absolute genius.  I often share his work on my facebook page, but I thought, why not share it with you guys on here too – so here is Robin Skouteris – Pop Love 2014.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do  🙂

This is what it sounds like…
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