Its been a month since my last update.  The reason being I struggled through most of February.  Once the 14th was over, I had my birthday to look forward to, and thanks to some special people in my life, it was made an amazingly awesome day.

I did increase my meds at the beginning of February, to help me get through, but I have since reduced them back, because I got through, but felt they weren’t really giving me the boost I needed.  As it was, coming down, I feel okay, so it was obviously a lot of emotional turmoil going on that made me feel less able to cope.

But March is positive, lots of good things have happened.

Physical: I have been out walking as well as gardening still, and that has been rather physical lately with moving a lot of bark around. It has been a good all over body workout, and my walks have been up a hill and back, so cardio and stretching involved in one 30 minute walk.  My diet has been a lot better.  During February I consumed more chocolate that was necessary, but my body was craving it, so I usually listen to my body.  This month it is craving garlic and mushrooms, so it is gearing up for the winter colds, chills and flu seasons.  I need to watch my health, as it does affect my mental health extremely badly.

Mental – sign language is going great.  I have learnt some simple phrases and words, but I still need to work on finding someone I can converse with on a more regular basis.  But I am enjoying this new experience.  Spiritual

Emotional – My son and I went to Wellington and enjoyed some sights and sounds as well as culture.  It was a bit of an eyeopener for him, but that was one of the reasons why I wanted to take him there, so he could see how other people live.  We live in a tiny bubble in the village, and when he goes to town, they don’t really have anything quite like they do on the streets of Wellington, like a yeti performing opera… Yes, we actually watched this in Wellington.  I wanted him to experience people from other cultures, and also the homeless people, so he knew that there is a life outside of our own 4 walls.  He appreciates that more now, and like me, was pleased to get home to our lovely little quiet house.

Spiritually – I’m still finding my place in the world.  It has come as a shock that I really haven’t dealt with insecurities that my marriage brought up – or rather lack of marriage.  This is something that I need to work on, and I know that I can and will succeed, its just finding out what the triggers are and learning what I can do to minimise or reduce them.

Next week, another He Said, She Said.

How are you coping with the year so far?  Feel free to comment below.

Wellbeing Mindfulness update – March 2017
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