Over the weekend, we spent time with our friend who lost her partner in a motorbike accident three years ago.  He was my husband’s best friend, and we often joked with him about his ‘imaginery girlfriend’ as he often said, “I’ll have to bring her over so you can meet her” but it wasn’t until she was pregnant that we met her.  And then she had two beautiful ‘imaginery girls’.  We didn’t know the girlfriend that well, but when he died, we were over there in a flash.  The whole community joined around her, sharing in her grief, comforting her.  We remained there with her, frequently calling over to see her, or ringing / texting her to make sure that she was doing okay.  She’s had her moments, as one does when they lose the love of their life!  But it was three years on Monday since he died.  We went over on the weekend to spend time with her, and take part in a working bee to help her out around her house.  She’s an incredibly busy woman, and doesn’t have the time or the strength to get things done.  We tidied out her shed, tack room, built a woodshed, mowed her lawns, and weeded her garden.

I love going over there and catching up with the people over there, they are so giving and friendly.

So on Monday, when I decided that I was determined to have a good day.  Because I have been down again lately.  So, I took the day off – well from going to school – and I tidied my house – starting with my art cupboard.  Then I started on the dining room table, the kitchen and hung out some washing, putting more in the machine.

In the meantime, my friend’s son turned up, so he hung out, talking to me while I continued moving around the house.

I even got some writing done!  3k!  Yay me!

Feeling like I had accomplished something, I even mowed the lawns, and after tea weeded some of my gardens.  It felt good to get so much done.  I went to bed feeling a sense of pleasure that I had done so many things.

Tuesday dawned, but I didn’t.  I couldn’t get out of my own way.  I did some more housework around the house, but didn’t feel quite the same enthusiasm.  And no writing was done.  I couldn’t seem to rediscover some of that vim and vigour that I had the day before.

Wednesday, I didn’t want to go anywhere, but I had promised my son that I would go and watch him do his athletics.  I wasn’t looking forward to a bus load of children, but one of the teachers was taking her car, so I went with her.  I was once more determined to have a good day.

And you know what?

I did!  I watched my son and all the 11 year old boys from his school perform running, jumping and throwing and had a good day.

And it was simple.  Determination was the key.  Because I was determined, even though I didn’t feel like it, to have a good day.  And I did.

Today – Thursday here in NZ, and I have work.  I’m determined to enjoy my day and get my job done in a positive manner.  Tomorrow is Friday – a trip up to my Mum’s and a walk around a beautiful rose garden – yip, determined to have a good day tomorrow too.

So sometimes, just being determined to have a good day can be what gets you through the day.

So what are you determined to do today?

Word for this Week – Determination
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