Writers create a world to escape to.  I know I needed to at one time.  Now, I write to allow others to escape into my worlds.


Writing should be fun. If it’s not, you’re doing something wrong.


Just because it pops into my head, doesn’t mean it should come out of my mouth.  I have to question why? Sometimes you need to voice those completely absurd quirky things that pop into your head just to see how others will react!


 I like riding motorbikes and racing grass karts. Pity I found these things later in life, but I can’t wait to get that complete adrenalin buzz that makes you grin for weeks.


Tramping is exercising the body and the brain. Most of my most awesome story ideas come from spending time living and breathing the natural environment of the native bush around me.


I like to dress up and be someone else. Life is more exciting as someone else – Valkyries, stone-age fairies, vampires and Marilyn Monroe are just much more interesting than I am.


Life is full of issues and problems. How you face them says a lot about your character.  You either face them head on and grow from the experience, or you bury your head in the sand and become someone who blames everyone else for their problems.


A saying I have heard, and really love:  Only worry about your character, and not your reputation.  Your character is how you perceive yourself, your reputation is how people see you.


Writing is cathartic – it helps me to express my suppressed emotions. The anger, love, passion, sadness all explode onto the page.  Then I have to edit it and make it more readable.


Life happens. It happens because of the decisions you make.  Accept responsibility for your life and your choices and make your life AWESOME!

Words of Wisdom from Catherine Mede
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