I did a word for 2016 quiz and came up with Truthfulness.  Last year was a statement, I am Here, and while I didn’t really focus on that, I have found that unconsciously, I have been Here – in the here and now – now more than ever.  This is called Mindfulness, and I want to do more of that this year.

And instead of resolutions (which seem to be ‘made to be broken’, I enjoy making goals, because they are achievable and obtainable.  And this year, I wanted to focus on Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental elements.  And because I want to be accountable, I decided to post it on here, and each month, I can keep you updated on where I am at with each one.  But first, let me define these elements a bit further.

Spiritual is making yourself connected with yourself and the world.  Having a sense of peace and awareness of your purpose in the world.

Physical is pretty much as it sounds – making sure your body is at its optimum, eating healthily, exercising, getting enough sleep and being aware of your own body.

Emotions relates to how you are feeling, recognising and expressing emotions, and respecting yourself and others.

Mental can be hard to understand, but its about keeping your mind in a positive place, knowing what your interests are and doing them, setting and achieving goals, basically focusing on the positive things that make you feel good about yourself.

My spiritual goals are:

Being truthful in all my interactions;

making a difference within my community

making a stronger connection with my higher power.

My physical goals are:

losing 5 kilograms initially,

continue on with my walking

get out tramping twice this year.

My Emotional goals are:

recognising and dealing with my emotions as they arise (this is a big thing for me),

spend time meditating or doing yoga each week,

being aware of my surroundings and my reactions to them.

My Mental goals are:

To expand my artistic abilities,

to expand my writing abilities

to learn more about alarm testing and electricity

These might sound like strange goals to you, but that is okay.  These are my goals, and are personal to me and my own journey in the world.  My depression is triggered by all of these things, so keeping them in balance will enable me to better maintain my positiveness and lessen the effects of depression on my life.

So here goes, hopefully these will grow and if necessary change and expand as I achieve them, which I intend to do.  Tuesdays I will keep you updated on one of these  elements and my progress towards my goals.  I hope you will enjoy this little insight into my life.

2016 Goals
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One thought on “2016 Goals

  • January 6, 2016 at 3:45 am

    Fantastic goals – they each look like they would challenge you enough, but still be doable. I’m hoping to go out for a few more tramps this year too 🙂


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