Being truthful in all my interactions;

making a difference within my community

making a stronger connection with my higher power.

I’m really struggling to make a spiritual connection at the moment, but I guess that has to do with grief, sickness, tiredness and generally feeling run down.

I haven’t been well for about a month now, and I’m feeling tired with it.  My body craves sleep, and peace, and at the moment my ears are ringing, which indicates stress to me.  I’m on antibiotics, which does knock ones body around, and I have tooth ache.  All of these things combined are making one very miserable Catherine… 🙁 And I think I have mentioned before that I don’t do sick.  I prefer to be active, and its hard to be active when you’re wheezing like a chain smoker (12 years smoke free) and feeling like crap. My motivation is lacking, especially when it comes to writing.  At the moment, I seem to be doing more art than writing.

However, it is only one day (week?) out of how many?  I have survived the winter relatively unscathed as far as my depression is concerned.  I have been exercising and getting outside when the weather allows.

I have been connecting with a person within the community who publicly announced she was struggling with depression.  Once a week I message her, make sure she is okay, make sure she has a plan. I think I am concerned that she will slip backwards if she is left alone, and I want to be there for her, make her aware that I do care about it, even if I am struggling myself, because sometimes caring about someone else makes your own struggles less significant.

I haven’t been connecting with my higher power – every time I have been praying lately, I feel I’m being shut down but that is probably me.



Spiritual Wellbeing update
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