This has been very appropriate for me lately, and I’m pleased to report – that I’m doing it right 🙂

My Emotional goals are:

recognising and dealing with my emotions as they arise (this is a big thing for me),

spend time meditating or doing yoga each week,

being aware of my surroundings and my reactions to them.

Okay, last week, many challenges were thrown at me, and I passed, with flying colours.  I recognised my selfishness and felt guilt, and I was able to work through that.  My psychologist would be proud!

On Friday, my Mum delivered me some news that I really didn’t want to hear.  I cried for a while, and then sat back and thought about it. It broke my heart to get the news. But I know why I’m feeling this way.  It is something that I am processing, working my way through, but I have acknowledged it, and will continue to work my way through it.

Not only have I had that to deal with, but I’ve had some boundary crashers to deal with. Boundaries were something I struggled with, but having recently worked out what I want and don’t want (What is OK, what is not OK), I know when my boundaries are being threatened.  They can no longer be gatecrashed and I’m proud of myself for having learnt how to do this.

While I haven’t done any yoga lately, I have been doing a lot of mindful breathing.  That is when you close your eyes, take slow deep breaths in, and slow breaths out.  Just feeling how your body feels, feeling the oxygen fill and empty from your lungs, listening to what is going on around you.  My girlfriend also does grounding, which is a something she wrote up to read to herself when she feels herself disconnecting.  It tells you who you are, where you are, tells you to look around at the familiar surroundings and name things you can see, feel, taste.  Both are great for mindfulness, being aware of where you are in your surroundings.

So while I have had some emotional highs and lows over the last few weeks, I’m at a place where I feel calm, and at peace with myself and my life.  I’m there for those that matter to me, and I am there for my son, who will always be my first priority.

Next week, I’ll check in with my Spiritual wellbeing.

Wellbeing – Emotions Update
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