Here’s the update on my mental wellbeing.

My Mental goals are:

To expand my artistic abilities,

to expand my writing abilities

to learn more about alarm testing and electricity

It has been an interesting month.  Just before Christmas I had to increase my antidepressants to help cope with the ‘silly season’.  Last week I went back to the Doctor and told her I was happy to drop back to my normal dose, so she agreed, but did tell me that there was no hurry.  But there was for me, because I am at the upper limit of my medication, and I really don’t want to have to swap to something else!

The first few days were rough, really rough, but I kind of expected that.  But after a week, I’m pleased to say that everything is back to normal, which is great.  Hopefully I can cruise on this level under after winter, and perhaps I might actually be able to decrease again next spring.  But we’ll see.

Anyway, for the updates, School starts back today – Yay, so I am back to do my level 2 NCEA Visual Arts.  I passed last year with a merit endorsement.  This year I am aiming for an excellence, but I’m thrilled with my merit!  But I have started doing some artwork, some sketches, and trying not to use an eraser.  I’m pleased with results, they look pretty good.

I have been editing my book, Running Away, getting ready for publishing, hopefully at the end of February.  In the meantime, I have been taking a Udemy course on how to fully utilise Scrivener, a writing program that I use.  I only use it to write my story, yet there is so much more that can be done on this brilliant program, so I am learning how to fully use this program.

Also earlier this month, I spent a week working with an Alarm Technician learning how to test type 4 alarm systems.  These are systems that have smoke and heat detectors along with call points.  I was pleased to know that I already know how to test some of these systems, but learnt more about the tests required on the panel.  It was a good experience, and gave me confidence to go further with my work.

So that is my update for Mental wellbeing.  Next week, we are back to the beginning again  🙂

Have a good week.



Wellbeing – Mental Update
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One thought on “Wellbeing – Mental Update

  • February 2, 2016 at 6:36 am

    Sounds like you are well on track, Catherine. Your bird sketches were amazing!


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