Wow, January is nearly gone already, the year is well and truly underway, and unfortunately I have been a little slack in my wellbeing goals, especially eating less processed foods.

I gave up measuring and weighing myself before Christmas because I had become too focused on how much I had lost, rather than focusing on how much better I feel.  But the Christmas cravings haven’t stopped, and my sweet tooth has really kicked in, so have to watch those soft drinks and white chocolate, and icecream… and biscuits… I will have to dig out the 31 day No Junkfood challenge again and start cutting out those foods and focus on fresh fruit and vegetables.  It doesn’t help that my son hasn’t been here, so I haven’t really had an evening meal, instead snacking on junk food.  Yip, need to get back into the 31 day challenge.

If you’re interested the No Junkfood Challenge involves:

No chocolate, lollies, chippies, fizzy drink, icecream

No biscuits, cakes or muffins

No pastries,  white bread or fast food

To go along with the physical, I haven’t done any HIIT exercise, but I have been gardening, and stretching muscles as I do that, so hopefully that counts… right?

I haven’t started learning sign language yet for my Mental wellbeing, I have some books here, but I haven’t found time yet to get into them.  That is just a lazy excuse, so I need to find the time.

I haven’t had my son much to start creating happy memories, but I have had some fun times with friends, and enjoying those experiences, so that is my emotional wellbeing taken care of.

My spiritual wellbeing is lacking too.  No volunteering or yoga done, but I have been using my breath and breathing to keep myself focused when I need to.

Next week, another He Said, She Said.

Wellbeing / Mindfulness Update
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