Its been a while since I last did one of these, and even longer since I did Physical Wellbeing, so I’m updating you today. (please excuse any odd spelling or grammar errors, trying to do this with a kitten hanging off my hands.

To refresh your memory:- these are my physical goals:

losing 5 kilograms initially,

continue on with my walking

get out tramping twice this year.

continue on with my gardening.

I’m pleased to announce that my gardens look immaculate!  I know when I haven’t spent any time in the garden that my emotional wellbeing is affected.  I have been digging over my veggie garden, which is a huge mission.  But I have some wood pallets that I can use to create some garden zones – strawberries, winter garden (carrots, parsnips, potatoes, brassica’s) a summer garden (lettuce, corn, tomatoes) and one for garlic / onions.  It will be good to get those wee zones organised and up and running.

I can also confirm that I have lost approximately 4kgs since January.  I have lost a total of 16.5cm in total since January!  Talk about excited!  But a lot of that hasn’t been due to being physical… In fact the majority is due to diet alone. I have once again cut out chocolate, chippies (except for a small pack that I sometimes eat at night), biscuits, cutting out as much sugar as I can, fizzy drinks.  And I certainly notice it when I have a fizzy drink – I get a good ole’ sugar rush!  Eating lots of vegetables and fruits – especially at lunch time and a lighter tea.

Walking hasn’t been happening except for walking my son to school and home.  But I get quite a sweat on with house cleaning and gardening, which I think helps.  Going into winter, and spending time at home, I tend to walk a bit more around the area.

I haven’t been tramping – although a friend and I did the walk up the Centre of New Zealand a wee while ago… quite a wee while ago.  But my tramping partner has been working, especially those weekends that we had planned to go tramping.  But that’s okay, we will work something out.

Next week (fingers crossed, and all things being equal), I will update you on the Emotional Update – where I am at with my emotional wellbeing.

Wellbeing – Physical Update
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One thought on “Wellbeing – Physical Update

  • May 24, 2016 at 3:06 am

    Well done with what you done so far. Pleased that you set the goals that you want to get to.


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