Trying to get this back up and running, so this week is… Spiritual update:

Being truthful in all my interactions;

making a difference within my community

making a stronger connection with my higher power.

So being truthful in all my interactions – interesting concept.  And a lot has been trying me personally at the moment, but I am being honest with myself and how I am feeling.  And when I am not tired, I am able to see the truth more clearly.  When I am tired, I tend to ruminate, which makes small things seem like overwhelming truths, which they aren’t.  They are generally lies, or falsehoods that have made themselves look like truths.

Making a difference in my community – until two weeks ago, I have been back at the op shop on a Friday.  And I have been enjoying it.  Without the pressure of trying to run the whole outfit, I have found a new reason for attending – because I want to, not because I have to.  We have an awesome team there now, and it is always a great place for a giggle and a laugh.

My connection with God is the same – it hasn’t grown, it hasn’t shrunk.  He is always there for me, adding things and taking things away as he see’s fit.  I have chosen a new lifestyle though, and enjoying being able to be open, honest and communicating my needs – although this is sometimes very hard for me to do, but I am learning to, and that is the main thing.

So that is my spiritual update – next week, we’ll focus on Physical wellbeing.



Wellbeing – Spiritual Update
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