Last week I told you about my physical update.  This week, I’ll talk about how I have been working on my spiritual wellbeing.  But first, here is a look at the goals I set for myself:

Being truthful in all my interactions;

making a difference within my community

making a stronger connection with my higher power.

Spiritual wellbeing can be hard to explain.  Wikipedia explains it best:

“the ability to experience and integrate meaning and purpose in life through a person’s connectedness with self, others art, music, literature, nature, or a power greater than oneself.”

A lot of people don’t really focus on the spirituality of wellbeing, because they don’t believe in God, or a higher power.  But it isn’t just about religion.  Its about your connection to yourself, enjoying art, music, reading, writing, nature.  I do this a lot through my walking.  I listen to music as I walk, and I walk in a beautiful section of native bush that is close to home.  Sometimes, I take my headphones off to listen to the native birds as they commence their day (I go for walks at 5:30am!).

So how does my goals connect me spiritually?  Being truthful with myself, and understanding myself is a big thing.  Often I can put myself under unnecessary stress or strain through some perceived obligation – but in reality, I don’t have to at all.  I need to recognise this and be truthful with myself.  If I did this obligation, would I feel good about it? Or would I spend the time trying to make myself feel better.  Either way, I’m lying to myself.  Being truthful to me means being responsible for my own actions and knowing that they are being done because I want to, not under obligation.

Making a difference in the community might sound like a strange spiritual thing, but there is documented proof that doing a good deed for someone can make you feel better about yourself.  I like working at my local volunteer op shop, which has been closed over the holiday period.  I intend to try and make myself more available this year to do this, because its fun to meet people, and its nice to be able to help people out.  The feel good factor really makes you more aware of what you can do for others.

Being more in contact with my higher power – well I am a Christian – although I prefer to call myself a believer.  I believe that Christ died on the cross to bear my sins.  I haven’t been to church in a long time, and that has a lot to do with my depression.  But God has been helpful in helping me maintain my stability.  I pray every morning, asking for guidance and grace to handle any situation that arises.

You might think that a higher power is pointless, but even Alcoholics Anonymous recommend you believe in a power bigger than yourself.  It doesn’t have to christianity.  You might believe in Buddha, Mohammed, or just a power greater than ourselves.  Whatever works for you.  I’ll continue to work on my faith and grow in my faith.

So that is pretty much what I have been up to as far as my spirituality is concerned.  This will grow as I go back to school and restart with my art and writing.  Until then, little steps makes progress.

Wellbeing – Spiritual Update
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