Let’s get physical aye…

losing 5 kilograms initially, then 4 kgs

continue on with my walking

get out tramping twice this year.

continue on with my gardening.

I have been walking, you’ll be pleased to know, along with yoga.  A friend and I have been walking her dog along the river bank a couple of days a week, and its quite a walk along the river.  Then, if we are feeling up to it, we do some yoga afterwards to help relax, and unwind.  I love yoga for its breathing and relaxing qualities.

I have lots my initial 5kgs, and I plan to lose another 4kgs.  So next year, I will update this goal, but in the meantime, I will work at the last 4 kgs.

As for tramping, my walking buddy and I are planning a three night trip up the Nelson lakes, which will involve some climbing, so will have to strap up my knee, but I am looking forward to it.  We plan to walk to the Sabine Hut, up to Angelus and then out to Mt Robert.  Fingers crossed we will get this done in the next two months.

My garden is starting to come together.  I have started weeding a lot of the gardens and digging over my veggie garden.  I have some seedlings started, and I really need to get into my veggie garden to get that finished because those seedlings are almost ready to plant out.  I plan on peas, beans, tomatoes, beets, but thanks to New World, I also have capsicum, celery and spinach to add to those.  Once I have my garden coming together, I’ll put up some photographs.

Next time, my Emotional wellbeing.


Wellbeing Update – Physical
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