Here’s my latest Top 5 for you.  This week, I’ve gone with Musicians, but really, its groups / people that I like.  I have a rather eclectic taste in music.  I listen to Classical (love Beethoven and Tchaikovsky),  Swing (Zoot Suit ), Rock n Roll (Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eagles, The Who), Rock (Nickleback, David Bowie, ACDC, Def Leppard), Heavy Metal (Alice Cooper) – and they are just to name a few.

It was incredibly hard for me to order these – As soon as I sat down, I knew who number one would be, and I had 5 names… but putting them in order was really hard.  But I managed it:

My list are musicians who have influenced my life, and that I admire.  So starting at Number 5…

5. Genesis – one of the first bands that I got into in my teens, and I think it was because some of their music is really taking the mickey – like Land of Confusion, and Jesus He Knows Me, but behind the songs are a lot of beautiful soleful lyrics – No Son of Mine is about an abusive Father, Tonight Tonight Tonight is about drug withdrawals.  I liked Genesis because their music at the time had real messages.  But I think most of all, it was Phil Collins on the drums.  He is epic to watch when he gets into it.  But my all time favourite song of Genesis is actually an instrumental song called – The Brazilian.  When I hear it, I think of a boat surging through waves.  Their music really characterises and brings great memories of my teenage years.

4. Lady Gaga – this woman!  What in inspiration – she doesn’t care what people think of her, she just does it her way, and her music videos – wow, very erotic!  But what I really like about this woman is her originality in herself.  Her music reflects this in song’s like Alejandro, and Poker Face.  You and I is one of my fav’s and is about an on / off relationship that she had.  It wasn’t released as a single, but I first heard it on American Idol, and fell in love with the tune.

3. Imagine Dragons – Oh, where do I start.  Radioactive blew my socks off, why, I don’t know, perhaps it was the heavy base, or the video itself, but since then, I have listened to everything I can get my hands or ears onto.  This group is one of my favs because when I listen to their music, I find my imagination runs wild, and the next thing I know, I have a story on my hands.  This could also be said about Muse, but only one of their songs inspired me, nearly all of Imagine Dragon’s songs have fired up my grey matter.  Monster has inspired me to write a new story this year.  This song was recorded as part of the soundtrack for Inifinity Blade III – a video game!


2. Pink – what can I say about this lady.  Bloody Marvellous.  The number of times I have cried listening to her songs, because SHE KNOWS ME!  Her songs are political in nature (Hey Mr President) but mostly, they are songs about the normal person.  My favs of hers – well the list is endless, Get the Party Started, Family Portrait, Fun House, Don’t Let me Get Me, Just like a Pill, Stupid Girl, Please don’t Leave Me, … you get what I mean.  The one song that really speaks to me, is Fu@ken Perfect – which is about not letting others or yourself getting you down.  No matter what, you’re perfect.

Pretty, pretty please, don’t you ever, ever feel
Like you’re less than fucking perfect
Pretty, pretty please, if you ever, ever feel
Like you’re nothing, you’re fucking perfect to me

Another song of hers I like is Raise your Glass – if you’re too cool for school, and you’re treated like a fool, You can choose to let it go, We can always, we can always party on our own!  I love partying on my own all the time!

1. Queen – I have a story to tell you.  I’ve loved Queen probably from the moment I was born.  Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the first songs I can remember.  When I was old enough, I brought the double CD of their greatest hits 1 and 2 – and just after I got married, I heard the last album that Freddy Mercury was going to record – Made in Heaven.  So many of those songs are just beautiful, and so full of great memories for me.  But the best song, wasn’t actually a song of their own making… I was married when I turned 21, but I still wanted the big party, so we invited lots of people around, and I cranked up the stereo with Queens Greatest Hits Volumes 1 and 2.  A friend arrived with some cannabis oil, and started spotting it on our stove.  I’d never tried drugs before, and because i was in a safe environment, I thought – why not.  Unfortunately I overdosed.  I stopped breathing, collapsed and started breathing again.  They put me to bed, only 10 minutes into the party.  In and out of consciousness, Queen had never sounded so awesome, and it wasn’t until last year, that I found a song, very similar to what I heard that night.  And it is epic.  It was produced by a DJ called Robin Skouteris, a Greek DJ and he’s one of my Fav indie musicians (a list that will appear later in the year). He must have attended my party, or could hear it through my ears, because this is just so damned close!

Here is the song he produced – a collection of Queen Songs produced together called The Royal Megamix.

Freddy Mercury was my first crush – funnily enough, it was him dressed as a woman in Break Free that did it for me.  I was heart broken when he died, like most of Queen’s fans.  Their music has been with me throughout my failed first marriage, and gave me the confidence and courage to love again.  All of their music has meaning for me, and they will always be there for me.  Even if Freddy Mercury is no longer with us.

What are your top 5 favourite bands?  Why do you like them?

My Top 5 Musicians
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