Our computers have lots of programs on them, some we have downloaded, others have been added through a package deal.  Others are necessities that we need.  I have a few different programs on my computer, and I am going to list my Top 5.

Number 5 – Gimp – a free program that allows you to create and manipulate Gimpphotos.  I often have to refer back to Youtube to find out how to do things, but it is handy never-the-less.  I have done some fun things on it, but it certainly needs some training to do things on a regular basis without having to go back to Youtube.
trelloNumber 4 – Trello – I am new to this program, but I like how I can make lists.  A friend of mine uses it to write out her scenes so she knows how the story is going, and can rearrange the scenes how she wants them.  That is what I use the cork board on Scrivener for.

Number 3 – Freemind – This is a program for creating mind maps – andfreemind
I LOVE mind maps.  They are a great way to solve problems, plan stories, create character conflicts etc.  Here is a program that allows you to do it on the computer!

ScrivenerNumber 2 –  Scrivener – as a writer, Scrivener is a program that really does make things simple.  There is a lot to it, and I am still working my way through a lot of them, but I really love how simple it is to write with this program. I can actually write details on the cork board and then use those ideas in writing.  Each new document is a chapter for me, or sometimes a scene if I feel it is too small.  I haven’t used the “convert to ebook’ feature, because I like to do my final edits in Word.

Number 1 – Evernote – OMG where would I be without Evernote?! Evernote It is one of my absolute favourite programs available.  I can plot, plan, write, create, make notes etc. It is a program that I have on my laptop, Kindle and cellphone – so no matter where I am I can create something, and then it will sync through to the other places when I get back into WiFi range.  My life really began when I found this program, and I use it a lot – especially for jotting down short parts of stories.

So there you go.  Do you use any of these programs?  What are your favourite programs?

My Top Five – Computer Programs
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