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This year, I’ve decided to have a new feature, Top Five.  Each fortnight I will put up my top five favourite things.  I have a list of a few so far, but if there is anything you would like to know (top five places to go, top five alcoholic beverages, top five fun things to do etc), then feel free to comment and ask.  The worst I can do is say no!

This week:  Top Five Indie Books.

I read a lot of books, and 95% of them are from indie writers – Independent writers.  They self publish their books, rather than have them published through a publishing company.  It is hard to limit it to the top five books, but these are the ones that I really enjoyed and wanted to share with you.  If you click on the underlined part, it will take you to their amazon page if you want to purchase the book.

185. 18 by J A Huss

This book is based on a true story – of Julie’s own time at college.  Its well crafted, and the characters are totally believable (one would hope so if they are based on real people!)  This involves having an affair with a tutor, who wasn’t technically her tutor… confused?  Read the book.  It is erotic though, so you have been warned.

Her EOBS (End of Book Shit) is almost as much fun to read – and I love to see who inspired her.

Commodity4. Commodity by Shay Savage

This one was a recommendation from Michelle New.  And I enjoyed it… but it was a strange tale.  Its based in an alternative reality, where nearly every woman and child has disappeared, along with the animals.  There is not many women left, so they become a commodity to be fought over, and stolen from others.  There is a twist to the tale, which put me into a tail spin, which is why I have it on my top 5 indie books.

True Love3. Songbird Series by Melissa Pearl

I love Melissa Pearls work.  But then I am probably biased, as I also proofread for her!  She has lots of amazing books out there, but her Songbird series is just amazing.  I have a new favourite everytime she releases a new book!  This one is about a band, and the love affair between the drummer and the lead singer.  Its amazing how the story unfolds, and you will fall in love with them by the time the book finishes.

2.  WrongWrong by Jana Aston

I loved the concept of this story, and she is the personal assistant of Ms Huss!  Apparently she really wanted Julie to write this erotic story, but Julie told her to write it herself, so she did.

I loved the humour in the story, the characters, the whole package.  And this won’t be the last Jana Aston book either.  *Squee*

Beautiful Collision Conviction1. Beautiful Collision and Beautiful Conviction by Toni Vallan

Beautiful Collision blew my socks off.  It was the first time I had a book hangover, and that was because of the ending.  I had to wait 6 months to get the conclusion, but it was well worth it.  Toni created wonderful characters who had their own secrets and wove them together into an intimate story, only to have it ripped apart, and the second book concludes the story, how she escaped her secrets and how he helped her.  Totally awesome story!


Top Five… Indie Books

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