Last week was a good week for me, and today I have crashed.  I think because we had such beautiful weather over the weekend, and then my husband was late getting out of here and rushed away, I feel I didn’t get to have my cuddles with him.

Let me break that down for you.

If there was an award for procrastination, I would have won it hands down last week.  I wanted to write, desperately, I plotted and replotted and subplotted, only to realise that I was really overcomplicating the story – doh!  So instead, I have put it on the back burner to concentrate on Ice Planet – my completed, then lost, then half recovered story.  I love this story and it has potential to be a great romance – if I could just spend the time on it.  I printed out the prologue and first chapter… and they are still sitting on my laptop – oh dear.

I signed up to a Critiquing site where you try and match yourself with a critiquing partner.  I have found a couple that I like, but haven’t really had a chance to get my act together and approach them yet.  Hopefully this week!

I can say, in my defence, that I have been busy at work lately, with some extra hours required – I don’t mind, I get paid, but they do take a toll on my day to day life.  The hours I normally have are great, and I cope well with them, but I haven’t had a Thursday free in a couple of weeks, and I notice that.  I need a day to get my head together before my husband comes home and we have my steppies over for the weekend.

With the beautiful weekend (the first time in 10 weeks that it hasn’t rained!!!) I made the most of it and got out into the garden, relishing the Vitamin D and the sunshine and dug the oats into half of my veggie garden.  They will need to be dug in a couple of times, but they are in, which is a good start.  I also made a pea teepee (try saying that really fast), only to find on Sunday morning that the cats thought the soil was a great place to dig!!!

Yesterday was whitebaiting and what is normally a few hours turned into a whole day mission.  I didn’t mind, I had T G Ayer’s Dead Embers to read, and I finished it last night (OMG I can’t wait to get the next installment!!!)

Which brings us to this morning.  A bit of an anticlimax to my hectic week, and with my husband rushing out the door and not seeing him for a week, I am feeling a little… flat.

So this week, I have about 5 hours at school (instead of 10 – 15) so I intend to crack down on Ice Planet, tidy my house properly (not just the quick lick and promise it has been getting) and try and focus myself, ready for the holidays which begin next week.


A Week of Two Halves
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One thought on “A Week of Two Halves

  • September 24, 2012 at 8:36 am

    I hope it ends up being a good week for recovery and that the sun sticks around for a few days at least! I’ve loved being outside in the garden this weekend too, so good to be able to get things started. I put in 20 strawberry plants, and made a fence in the corner to keep the puppy in (not that she wanders, but just in case), and got some weeding done too!


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