August has been a month of two halves.  First half was great with steady progress being made editing.  The second half we all succumbed to various illnesses that are floating around our area and my youngest has been off school for a total of 8 days.  Without further ado, here is my monthly update on my goals.

# Get Chrystias finished off and start looking around for a publisher / agent for it. – I have had some feedback, which has been quite good so far – just waiting on the others (hint hint) and the rest from one reader, then I can really start looking at this one to get it finished by the end of the year!.

# Get Kings Queens and Noblemen edited to the second edit – with a view to getting it finished by the end of the year – This is a back burner one.  Just thinking about it now, I could use this month to really get this one sorted out.

# Create more short stories and really start to focus on developing this skill further – I started a short story this month, but haven’t got it finished.  Will work on that and try and get another one started AND finished.

# Get one short story published (in a magazine / e-zine) (something other than my own blog site!) – Haven’t pursued this month

# Finish off some story ideas and start writing the next novel – the first draft to be completed before the end of the year (2010) –  I have edited Medusa’s Garden for End is Nigh, and I got it done!  I have also formatted it and got it out to a couple of readers for feedback.  Why so quickly, well, I think after writing a few novels now, that my editing skills (and initial writing skills) have improved enough for me to get a readable version ready after the first edit.  No doubt the readers will tell me if I am right or wrong!

# Encourage some of my writing friends – I have some writing from a friend, but haven’t really done anything about this (very sorry!)  Another thing I want to concentrate on this month.

I did get a bit accomplished, even if it doesn’t read like that.  So for September, I have a short story to finish and one to write, KQandN to edit and some critiquing to get on with, and hopefully chase up those reading Chrystias so I can start working out who I can send this to.

August Goal Reviews
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