Last week was hectic.  Wednesday I had the op shop, Thursday I went to town and caught up with my Mum, Friday I did a marae visit with my son’s syndicate at school then a talk at a Women’s Biz group, Saturday was Grasskarts day, and Sunday was Family Mountain Bike Challenge.

I was rather relieved to get to today!

Anyways, the talk went really well.  Because it was a woman’s Business group, I didn’t want to bore them with details about the book, so instead I chose to go with Author Branding, about how I went about creating “myself”, my logo, developing my website, publishing the book, marketing and publicity.  I think I talked for about 35 minutes, but I had everyone’s attention the entire time.  I enjoyed the experience or being able to share how I created the Catherine Mede Brand, and I think that it was more relevant to them.

A friend came with me, and she commented that she wouldn’t be able to talk to that many women – there were about 10 women there.  I’ve spoken to 900+ girls, plus staff at College about Girls Brigade, so talking to small groups is a piece of cake.

I will try and put together a post on the talk, just sharing what I did to create my brand, so that others can use it if they feel so inclined.

On Saturday, I got to do my second favourite past time, driving the Grass Karts.  It was a fantastic day, and I enjoyed myself, even if I only got a couple of go’s in the kart.  We even had a policeman turn up and use his Radar to record the top speed on the straights.  The boys were between 56 – 62km/h.  I never for the opportunity to try it, but I would be slower.  I did use an app on my phone, and my fastest speed was 59km/h.  My average speed was 39km/h.  The only negative to Grasskarting are the bruises and burns that seem to appear after a couple of days.

As for writing, I haven’t done any  🙂  And I’m not too worried at this stage.  I have the start of the A to Z Challenge starting later this week, so my plan is to get my blog posts all scheduled up so they come up.  That is my plan for today, and possibly tomorrow.  I have decided to use this as publicity for the release of Shards of Ice in late April or early May and have a competition based on the A to Z Challenge .  I’ll have two ebooks of Shards of Ice up for grabs, so keep reading the posts.

My critiquing partner has sent through a good portion of Shards of Ice, so I might spend some time working on that this week, putting some thoughts into her comments and editing Shards of Ice one last time before I send it through to my editor.

Suppose I better go and get started on finishing these posts.  Have a nice week.  🙂

Booked, Bruised and Burned
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