Shards of Ice is a Science Fiction piece about the head of the King’s Bodyguards and a Vigilante, and how they both have secrets that they can’t share.

B A2Z ChallengeB is for Brett who tends to stumble into situations.  We first meet Brett when he comes into the Training Room, and Vyvica teaches him a lesson.  He is also there to help her at the end, and shows his loyalty to her by following her.

Brett is a minor character but a cheeky kind of fellow.  He likes to give a bit of lip to his superiors because he thinks he can get away with it, except with Vyvica, which is he learns the slow way.  Vyvica knows that she can depend on him, even if he seems a little free with his mouth.

Brett is tall, dark haired, has chocolate brown eyes that could penetrate your soul and suck the information out of you.  He’s easy on the eyes, and girls find it incredibly easy to talk to him.  He has this knack of being able to listen, yet he remains aloof.  No one truly knows if he will settle down, but he uses his charms and good luck to get with the girls he wants.

Tomorrow is C for Ch’Ar Barakus – the resident bad guy of the story.

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Brett – A to Z Challenge – Shards of Ice
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