What a wonderful couple of weeks!  Things have happened so fast that life has become a clur.  Let me recap for you:

The long weekend (Queens Birthday Weekend 3 – 6 June), I attended Au Contraire in Wellington.  I stayed courtesy of Tee at the Amora Motel – which is an amazing place – very flash and a view of the sea – of course, if we had been higher up the Motel, we might have actually seen the sea.

We had a good 15 minute walk (20 because Tee had very high heels) to the Comfort Quality Hotel where the conference was being held.  A lovely weekend of panels talking about all things Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, and Forensics – which was actually quite interesting, especially when we asked the finger print expert what alien fingerprints would look like…

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards was held on the Sunday evening, and unfortunately Zee, Cassie and myself missed out in our categories, but Lee Murray won an award for her short story.

Overall, it was a really interesting weekend, and pleased I went, even if it was to actually meet Cassie, Kate, Lee and many others in person.

Last week was spent mostly at home, alone, trying to recover from the weekend being surrounded by people.  Being an introvert does make life interesting!  Especially when you attend such a high energy high focus conference.

I managed to get some writing in while I was away – but unfortunately I didn’t last week – but I hope to remedy that… With a Bullet Journal.  What is that? I hear you ask?  It is a diary that has a yearly, monthly, and weekly planner all rolled up into a notebook that also has other pages that help you form / create habits, track your food, a to do list and whatever else you want it to be.  I spent time on Saturday building mine, and then Sunday rearranging it (thank goodness for perforated pages and invisible cellotape.)  Many bullet journals can also become art journals as well – but I want mine to be functional at this stage.

So each day I aim for 300 words of writing a day – and if I write for 30 days – that is 9000 words (or 9300 for 31 days) – I also have all my blogging dates, and places where I can plan my blogs – not that most of them require much planning.  I do love my journal, and hopefully it will prove useful and not get put away and neglected.

Running Away is currently with my proofreader – and she has a month, so hopefully by the middle of July I will get that back, and then I can start getting it all formatted.  At that stage, I also hope to have Dragon’s League finished, and I can start editing Curse of the Taniwha… Again.  Then I hope to start on a new project – another modern fairy tale – but will have to wait and see.  Also have a plan for another contemporary book – or chick lit anyway.  I have these ideas all percolating away at the moment.

So, that is where I am at – how about you?  What is your plan this week?

Take care




Bullets and Laser Beams
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